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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 

The METRO Teams Up With Pokerstars!

The METRO MAIN EVENT slated for this weekend, Dec.8-9, has been officially moved to Jan.26-27. Although it might be an inconvenience to some who have already cleared their schedules (and we apologize for it), the good news is, POKERSTARS, the world’s largest online poker site, has teamed up with The Metro to make the event bigger and better than anybody expected!

Pokerstars, in cooperation with The Metro, will be presenting the first event of a series of major poker tournaments for 2008. Tentatively called “The Poker Master’s Tour”, it will be the biggest poker series the country has ever seen. Pokerstars aims to adopt existing major local tournaments like The Metro Main Event all throughout the year which will then culminate into a “Philippine Championship” that will coincide with The APPT Manila 2008 sometime around the last quarter of the year.

Just to spice things up, Pokerstars will be providing TV coverage complete with a TV table with hole cameras, just like we see on Poker shows everywhere. They are dedicating a 1 hour show that will be aired on cable TV featuring the METRO MAIN EVENT.

Also, they will be providing online freerolls and satellite tournaments for local poker players to win a seat to the Main Event! By signing up at, players can join these tournaments and win their seat in the satellites. There will be an estimated 30 seats up for grabs into the P30,000 buy-in Main Event, which you can win for free!

The series of tournaments (starting with The METRO MAIN EVENT) will end in a major tournament estimated to have a 10 MILLION peso prize pool just in time for APPT Manila 2008.

This great tournament just got even better, thanks to Pokerstars. Make sure you are ready to play in the biggest local event in poker this country has ever seen! Again, seats are limited, so make sure you get yours asap! Stay tuned for further announcements about the online tournaments.

See you at the METRO!

Friday, November 30, 2007 

Somewhere In The Country, A Village Is Missing It's Idiot

What an idiot.

That's the best way i can describe soon-to-be former Senator Antonio Trillanes. What an idiot.

I was heading back home after attending the Casino Affiliate Convention in Macau (which was awesome, the country not the convention hehe) and on our plane, they announced that there was a curfew back in Manila. WTF?!?

Apparently (and i found out when i got home through the news), the grandstanding senator walked out of his trial with a handful of his men reportedly while shouting "If you want change, come with me!" and then proceeded to the Peninsula Hotel to use it as his "headquarters" and then from there incited people to rebel and take to the streets to oust president Gloria. That's how stupid he is. He walked out of his trial for rebellion TO COMMIT THE SAME CRIME ALL OVER AGAIN.

Can anybody say "define irony?"

I guess he expected AT LEAST several thousand of his SEVEN MILLION voters (he won his seat with that many votes apparently) to follow suit and support him in his noble "quest"..

A few dozen showed up.

He had ten times more support when he was a complete nobody doing the oakwood mutiny back then.

I mean, c'mon DUDE. People are tired of that bullshit. People just wanna work hard, make money, and enjoy it in peace. We don't want another EDSA. We'll have EDSA 4, 5 ,6 up to god-knows-how-many-more if we follow idiots like you.

Well, GMA was obviously not too happy with Sen. Trillidiots antics and brought the full might of the Philippine Military to Makati, tanks and all. It was fun watching them piss their pants when the government gave them FIVE minutes to leave the building, and when they did not, fired tear gas and had an APC fire those big 50inch shells to break the front of the building and then ram it into the lobby. Their supporters "(all 11 or so of them) held their ground and were promptly arrested along with their stupid leaders.

The media people who so willingly put themselves in harms' way also also acted like little crying spoiled brats when they got detained by the police and handcuffed. Apparently they think they are above the law. IDIOTS. They were basically in a crime scene, and any magdalo soldier could have pretended to be media and escaped if they were not detained and questioned. Also, it is standard operating procedure to detain ANYBODY in a crime scene for questioning, witness testimonies, etc. They were released several hours later, hopefully with a box of tissues and a lollipop to stop them from crying like babies.

I hope this is a lesson to these idiots. People want change, but not a revolution. People just want to work hard, make money, and enjoy the fruits of their labor in peace. The country is finally moving forward for the first time in the past decade, showing great signs of economic progress, and seeing the biggest influx of investors since the last time the Philippines was the "Tiger of Asia". Then these Idiots do something like this...

Kudos to our countrymen for taking this in stride and being "business as usual" about it. The stock market was apparently affected but shot right back up after the government showed it was in control. Any sane Filipino who can think for themselves just shrugged their shoulders and went on with their lives.

To the village who lost it's idiot, congratulations, you've found him. He won't be returning annytime soon though, not after he gets impeached from the Senate and charged with crimes that will send him to prison for the rest of his stupid life.


Monday, November 12, 2007 

Setting The Record Straight

I remember a joke that someone told me a long time ago, and it has stuck in my head ever since. It goes, "you know what the only thing you can rely on to be absolutely true in a newspaper? The date." If found it to be true more often than not. I had a good laugh this morning after reading two minor news publications' front page coverage of an "illegal casino" at the Metrowalk Complex in Pasig.

The article, baseless and uninformed, talks about The Metro Card Club.

"The casino starts to come to life after office hours or around 6:30 p.m. and operates until the wee hours of the morning. It is open every day.

It claims to be under the auspices of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and has a business permit from the Pasig City government.

But no city official has admitted allowing a casino to operate in the city. It is not clear under what license the casino operates or if it is, at all, sanctioned by Pagcor."

DUH. I can help shove the Metro's license to operate and Memorandum of Agreement under PAGCOR down this reporters throat if he even bothered to TRY finding sources for his allegations. Every night we have a PAGCOR representative on the floor at The Card Room!

"The website says the casino’s vision claims "to make the Philippines the place to play Poker in Asia, and be competitive with the rest of the world in the poker industry."

"We are committed to promoting the game of poker all over the country, providing players with a sense of community among other players and a place where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable while playing the game," it said."

Well said. I should know, i wrote it ;) That's what we provide at the Metro, a Legal, safe, secure place for poker players to play the game they love. We are NOT a casino. We don't have slots, table games, house games. Our door is open to anyone who wants to see for themselves.

"Metrowalk tenants and clients are worried that the wholesome image of the newest restaurant and entertainment destination in Pasig City would be eroded with the continued operation of the casino. A restaurant owner who declined to be named said: "If the casino continues to operate, we may have a difficult time maintaining our patrons who go for clean and wholesome entertainment here in Metrowalk.""

Oh, so a discreet members poker club will ruin the "wholesome" image of Metrowalk? And the DILDO SHOP with sex toys ON DISPLAY for the whole public to see is ok with Metrowalk? Yeah, a sex shop can be found in Metrowalk, INSIDE the main complex itself. How's that for hypocrisy?

This is a laughing matter to us because we all know where it's coming from and what the intentions were when the articles were written. They even made accusations that drugs were being "peddled" inside the card room. Pathetic. It's pretty obvious that this is a smear campaign aimed at a legitimate organization to make us look bad and give us trouble. Also, it's almost Christmas time, so these corrupt journalists will take anything to make an extra buck, or force organizations such as ours to pay them to shut up.

We say BRING IT ON. We have everything on our side, all the legal documents, and we will be backed by the local government and by PAGCOR itself.

There's an old Filipino saying that goes something like "the tree with the most fruit is the one that gets the most stones thrown at it." (translates badly into english hehe) Yeah, people want some of that fruit, and theyll keep throwing those stones to get them. We've been through this before too, so this time we know what to do.

The people responsible for this is a pathetic bunch. Just compete fairly, like we do. In the meantime, we'll just be going about our business providing the best poker experience to the poker community.

See you at The Metro!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 


Here is something to look forward to this coming Christmas season, a little present from the guys at The Metro.

It's a 2-day, deep stack, P3,000,000 GUARANTEED prize pool tournament. Note that there is no small asterisk beside the "3,000,000", then a super small font text at the bottom saying "* only if we reach 100 players". Yes, we are REALLY guaranteeing it. No gimmicks. No Cheese.

We are already starting satellites at The Metro every week, so start playing them to earn your seat! Due to seating constraints, the tournament can only have 110 players maximum, so make sure you get yours in time.

I'll probably play too (gotta start grinding the cash games now hehe). It's gonna be the highlight of the year in terms of local poker tournaments for sure!

We'll keep everyone posted. See you at the Metro!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 

POWER Foundation Charity Event Results

Another charity poker tournament wrapped up a few days ago, and it was a huge success. We raised P183,000+ for the POWER foundation, which helps women and children who have been abused or are in need. Hopefully we can do this more often and show that us poker players are more than just degenerate gamblers ;)

For more details and pictures, just go to The Metro Website!

Congratulations to everyone who participated! You are all winners!

Monday, September 24, 2007 

Dreams Do Come True

More than two years ago, June 3, 2005 to be exact, a man had a dream. It was a simple dream.


"What I Dream of..."

A regular game. A place I can roll into after work. A place where I can play for a couple of hours, guzzle 8-too-many sanmig lights, push chips around, and generally try to look like i've done this before.

Yes, I need a cardroom! don't get me wrong, hombres y mujeres, I am quite happy with the number of games i'm hearing about and getting to play now - a huuuge difference since the early days (last April). But I need a cardroom!

No civilized nation on earth does not have cardrooms.

The very definition of civilization includes running water, cheap power, a couple of theatres, mcdonalds, and cardrooms!!

We were supposed to have a cardroom open a few weeks ago at the Pan Pacific. It hasn't opened. I cannot get any reason why it hasn't opened.

Somebody open a cardroom. PLEASE!!!! Actually, somebody open three cardrooms. Or three people open one each. Whatever....

posted by nickg at 1:40 PM on Jun 3, 2005


You got what you wished for bud. It's a good thing. ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Check it out! The site is actually still under construction, but you'll see schedules and other stuff on the working site.

See you at The Metro!


It's A Good Thing: Poker For A Cause

Do a good thing this weekend.

here's the write up for our charity event this saturday directly ripped off from Poker Filipinas by yours truly ;)

For those of you who don't know, I and a number of other characters that you know are partners in a company called Ace Technologies, a Philippine company operating card rooms in this wonderful land of ours. We currently operate three rooms - The Metro Card Club in Pasig City, Runners Card Club at the San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona Cavite, and the Metro Madayaw Card Room at the Casino Filipino in Davao.

A major component of our corporate mandate is to educate, inform and to the extent we can, uplift certain segments of the community by promoting poker as sport, entertainment, and fund raising mechanism for deserving charities.

Last March 3rd, we ran a great charity event at the Robinsons Galleria in Pasig, with the beneficiary being the Sinag Kalinga Foundation, a charity providing care, love and dignity to the destitute aged folks among us. During that event, you helped us raise roughly P140,000 for the foundation. That money went a long way.

It was a good thing.

This Saturday September 22, we are hosting a charity event for the Power Foundation Inc., a Pasig City based charity providing safe havens, care and rehabilitation for women and children in abusive life situations. P500 buy, with multi rebuys until level 4.

We'll be playing for sponsored prizes, here's the list:

Prize List for the 2nd Charity Poker Tournament

1st: NEO Laptop Computer
2nd: Sony PSP Slim
3rd: Fujifilm Digital Camera
4th: Coby Portable DVD Player
5th: Nokia M-5300 Cellphone
6th: iPod Nano 2GB
7th: Gameboy Brighten
8th: Altec Lansing Speakers
9th: Creative MP3 Player
10th: Epson Stylus C95 Printer

We are expecting more sponsored prizes to arrive during the week. So I do hope to see y'll there - 1pm Saturday, Sept. 22nd. The Metro

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