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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 

Let's Play for a Cause

On March 3rd, we're having a big charity tournament at the Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. With just a P500 buy-in, you have a chance to test your poker skills and win any of our awesome prizes! A Laptop, 80GB IPOD video, Playstation Portable, Canon Digicam, 19" LCD TV, IPOD shuffle, Sony Ericsson W810i, Trip to Boracay, Trip to Palau, and more!

See you there!


Runner Runner!

It has been almost a month since my last post. It's been a pretty busy month, that's for sure. I have almost no time to even PLAY poker. Damn i miss playing.

For starters, the good old northern poker hub started off the year with a nice progressive pot series for the first quarter of the year. From the regular P800 buy-in game, theyr'e taking P50 off from the pot and building a progressive pot which was jump started by the house with a P5,000 contribution. People are starting to get competitive since they are expecting the pot to reach more than P30,000!

End of january saw a big tournament in cebu, which of course was represented by the crew. 11 guys came to represent, and in a field of 102, 4 of them got in the money. Checkpoint louie was 12th, Isaac "The General" was 6th, Dirty Ice Cream was 4th, and the boss, Ronald, chopped with the chip lead for top money in the tourney. Not bad eh? hehe.

February came and we started to see the end of the cold morning as it started to get warmer and warmer as we get closer to summer, which is officially coming in about two weeks. (yeah beach time!)

Last Feb.15, we officially started off our spanking new 10 table cardroom in the awesome San Lazaro Leisure park and Casino in Carmona, which is called The Runners Card Club. What a beautiful place! For the first time in my life, i bet on and watched a real live horse race haha! They are fun to watch! Damn when you see your horse streaking past the rest of em on the last stretch to the finish line, youre gonna jump and scream like a kid in a candy store, even if you only won 200 pesos!!! Not to mention the big roomy poker area with a panoramic view of the entire race track! Gamblers heaven!

Our first night got a couple of ring games rocking with the boys from manila. Then Sunday came, and we had our inagural P5,000 + P500 300K GUARANTEED pot tournament, which totally rocked the joint! 53 players from all over came and played what you might say was the best tournament we've seen in a loong time. The 35,000 peso extra money in the pot made it even sweeter. (yes, we DO give our guarantees!) We had a pure NLHE freezeout tournament, with none of that multi-rebuy and add-on gimmicks to get the pot pumped up (and i honeslty think those are supposed to be a novelty at best, not a staple, as we see in the tournament available nowadays). We saw most of the regular rounders get in the money, since our structure was made to weed out dumb luck and reward skill and strategy. The Player of note on the final table was the man of the San Lazaro Leisure Park himself, Atty. Boy Reyno, who finished 3rd place with a P45,000 payday, a paltry sum to the guy, but he played seriously for it nonetheless. Chopping with 1st and 2nd for at least a P70,000 profit for each was Adrian and Genghis, casino ring game rounder and home game specialist, respectively. Congrats to the winners! I'm sure the next one will be much bigger!

I hope i get my internet connection in the Runners card room up and going, so i can update more regularly. We're gonna guarantee more quality poker for the weeks to come, poker the way it's supposed to be played. If you do have time, come and visit on a racing weekend, coz it really is only about 15mins from alabang (hey, 10 peso toll fee wont lie right? hehe.) heck, i come from pasay and it takes me longer to get to libis than to Carmona!

Till next time! Watch your backs!

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