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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 

P300,000 Guaranteed Tourney!

The next 300K guaranteed tournament is coming up this Saturday, Aug.4, at the San Lazaro Leisure Park and Casino in Carmona, Cavite!

It's a P5000+500 buy-in freezeout tournament. Expect the best players to come and play.

Minimum Payouts:


See you there!

Saturday, July 14, 2007 

Houston, The Ice Cream Has Landed

Neil has finished his run at the WSOP main event as of today, busting out on TT vs. AJ for 222nd place out of 6,358 players, and a nice week's pay of 51,398- more than any filipino based-player's winnings ever in a poker tournament.

The man accomplished a lot of firsts and made history this week in the biggest stage in poker, and like another historical guy named Neil once said...

"one small step for man... one giant leap for mankind."

Neil made one small step for all of us Filipino poker players by making a big last minute decision to play in the WSOP, and he made one giant leap for all of us by showing that, yeah, we DO know what the hell we're doing back here in the RP! That our poker community IS going in the right direction!

SO if you're reading this buddy, we just want to make sure you know we are DAMN PROUD of what you've done. Beating 6,136 players means you've outlasted more players that the 5,500+ that World Champion Joe Hachem beat in 2005! You have single-handedly done more for the Filipino Poker community than any poker tour or poker organization can dream of doing.

Knowing Neil, he's probably disappointed by the fact that he didn't win the whole thing, since this guy won't settle for anything less, be it 222nd or 2nd place. Let's all make sure he knows the magnitude of what he has accomplished, and make him feel like the true winner that he is!

Also, a special mention to the crew who stuck with Neil all the way although they busted out early. These guys represent the future of poker in the RP, and proved this by also cashing in other side tournaments in Las Vegas while waiting for Neil!
RVS, Alan, Amor, Eric, Franco, and Renan, thanks for all the support!

Although i lost $500 or so by not taking Neil's prop bet, i don't really care. I know that when he gets back, we are going to have one SICK party!

Go Dirty Ice Cream!

Friday, July 13, 2007 

Dirty Ice Cream IN THE MONEY!

Yup. The WSOP main event bubble just burst. 621 left after a grueling 3 days of non-stop poker action. 6,358 players weeded down to the players who can now call themselves WINNERS in the biggest poker event on the planet!

Time for me to get that rope... hehe. Neil "Dirty Ice Cream" Arce just burst the bubble sitting on 165,000 in chips and is guaranteed at least $20,000! The players are on break right now, and man i can only imagine how good it must feel to be able to say that "I cashed in the main event of the WSOP! Fucking A neil you rock! Special mention to our good friend Isaac "The General" Galazan, a WSOP bracelet winner from previous years, who also is ITM along with neil.

Now the hard part is over bro... it's time for the HARDER part! hehe! Go deep! WIn some big bucks! REPRESENT!

Now can i eat that siling labuyo and get my 1%...? pleeeease? (i woulda made $200 already! F#$%^!)

Thursday, July 12, 2007 

130K on the Last Level for Day 2!

Neil now on dinner break and will resume play for the last level of Day 2B afterwards. No official count yet of how many players remain, but im sure Neil has outlasted more players in the last 3 days than most of us will see in our lifetime!

His stack is at a fighting 130,000. Damn... awesome! Barring any sick Quad Aces vs. Royal Flush kind of hand, it's safe to say Neil will go on to Day 3! Bro, we're damn proud for you for making it this far! Go kick some more ass and win that thing!

If Neil wins a million or so dollars, i'm gonna go get some rope and hang myself for saying no to a 1% piece of his winnings on the condition that i eat a whole friggin siling labuyo! HAHA! I might regret that for the rest of my life LOL!


WSOP updates

Day 2B just started today, and our prayers and hopes go out to Dirty Ice Cream, the only guy left in the Philippine contingent of poker degenerates! Go bro! It's just A chips! hehe...

So the numbers are in... 6,358 players joined the main event this year. That's a 25% drop in attendance from last year, but still the second largest field in history. Payouts this year are much better, since JUST making it ITM (621st place) will get you $20,320, more than double what you bought in for. Payouts? Here they are...

First: $8.25 million
Second: $4.8 million
Third: $3 million
Fourth: $1.85 million
Fifth: $1.25 million
Sixth: $956,243
Seventh: $705,229
Eighth: $585,699
Ninth: $525,934

not bad at all...

On another note, how about Alan's story? Oh man. It's a sickening hand...
It's level 1, blinds are 50/100, starting stacks are 20K. Alan's in LP and has a 26K stack at this point. UTG (loose player) raises 250, gets called, and Alan peels wired Kings! he re-raises to 1000, and everyone folds to UTG who thinks then re-raises 5000. Alan calls.

FLOP 4-4-10 rainbow.
Check - Check.

TURN K! Nut full house! guy bets 3K, Alan raises 6000, gets called. River A. UTG shoves all-in for almost all of Alan's chips, if he calls he'll have 1,500 left. Time is called on him after he thinks for a long time.

Alan makes the call, and UTG shows A-A for a rivered higher full house. holy...

Too bad for Alan, i know he could go deep in that game.

So there, just look out for neil on ESPN! go go go!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 


In 2 hours, Day 1D will finally break for Day 2. Although i've heard that most of our comrades have fallen, i am glad to say that two members of our little crew have made it to the last level before the break for day 2! Neil Dirty Ice Cream and Ronald The Boss are the last two survivors of our Philippine contingent! While Ronald has a short stack, neil has an average stack of about 30,000 as of the last update i got!

Go boys! Make us proud! Skylounge crew represent! ;)

A total of 6,300++ players joined this years main event, 2500 less than last year. The bill against online gambling in the US did take its toll. But still, a $60 million Prize pool aint so bad! Expect around 8-9 million dollars for first place!

Saturday, July 07, 2007 

Tales from the WSOP

News from Las Vegas, straight from our friends who will be playing in the main event of The World Series of Poker!

So Dirty Ice Cream calls me up and tells me how theyve been going around vegas having the time of their life, meeting players like dan harrington, jen harman, phil gordon, and a ton of other poker superstars! Neil also played a little bit of $2-$5 NLHE and won $400 too. Theyre coming in to the main event on DAY 1-D, which is the 4th day one. AS of today, DAY 1-A just finished and they had 1,250 players, and registrations are still climbing fast! It's gonna be big!

Anyway, Here's a REALLY funny story:

The whole Pinoy crew is walking around the casino and they run into one of the poker superstars of High Stakes Poker. Eric, the ACF rounder, comes up to the guy and says

"What's up Sammy!" to which the guy replies

"Excuse me I'm not Sammy! Sammy's an asshole!"

HAHA! The guy turns out to be Freddy Deeb! HAHAHAHA!

Oh man i wish i was there.

Good luck guys! make history! WIN THE DAMN THING!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 

WSOP Invasion!

Every poker player in the world has, at one point in their poker life, had a dream of playing in the biggest tournament of them all, the granddaddy of all poker tournaments, the WSOP $10,000 main event. Who wouldn't, with the chance to win ridiculous amounts of money and become famous beyond your wildest dreams? Last year's champion won 12 MILLION DOLLARS.


oh, another thing, the biggest prize of all. Immortality. Your face up the wall of champions among the poker legends of our time.

This year, that time has come again. The main event is going to start 3 days from now, and our very own Filipino contingent of players are flying in to Las Vegas tonight to play in the biggest stage in the world of poker! Yup, a bunch of brave souls are going to face a field of thousands and thousands of players from all over the world to take a shot at the WSOP bracelet and millions of dollars in cash.

Oh how i wish i was a part of that group!

Our very own Neil Dirty Ice Cream, Regent's Franco M., Alan E., Renan, Jenny, and ACF rounders Eric and Amor (i hope i got that right and didnt leave anyone out) are gonna represent the Philippines! These guys are gonna come back with some great stories and hopefully tons of cash for a big party back home hehe! Let's all cheer for them and send our prayers out for them to win and make some good money! Make us proud guys!

Neil, ill take that 1% share of your action and eat that siling labuyo! just make sure you win!



Last monday got us 2 players winning a seat to the P12,500 buy-in Level 2 satellite for a chance at the $2,500 seat! Rodolf "Sexual Choco" and Cho F. won their seats in a 2-table tourny. The next ones are going to be in CAPONES on THURSDAY, JULY 6, and FERRULE in Libis on FRIDAY, JULY 7. We'll be texting out the details by tomorrow!

See you!

Sunday, July 01, 2007 

Asia Pacific Poker Tour!

This is what every local poker player has been waiting for. The APPT. A REAL poker tournament with a life-changing 20-30 million peso prize pool, a substantial buy-in that will make EVERYONE play seriously, and a field full of top world class professionals and poker legends we only see on TV.

Our little group will be helping our local poker community by running multiple satellite tournaments all over the metro with buy-ins ranging from P600, P1500, P5,500, and P12,500. The smaller buy-in games will be level one satellite and will win you a seat to a level 2 satellite where you can win the seat worth $2,500! Let's fill this tournament with as many local poker players as possible and show the pros how we roll here in the RP hehe!

I will post the schedules as soon as possible. First satellite will be at CCW Cafe on July 2, buy-in 1400+100 freezeout. It's located in the corner of Guijo st. and Sacred Heart st. so come if you can!

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