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Sunday, September 18, 2005 

BBC Bounty Hunter Special

What a tourney!

The BBC Bounty Hunter Tournament was brought to us by JJ the Duke himself, as part of his birthday bash at the state of mind known as the BBC. about 24 players came out to go hunting for scalps in this awesome game! Each player buys-in 500 for his "bounty" and another 200 for the winner's pot. For each player you knock out, you win his bounty. The player who knocks YOU out gets your bounty PLUS 100 from each of your kills. Blinds started high and starting chips were T3000. No tight players in THIS game! Winner also gets a bottle of Jack Daniels ( our sponsor for the night!) plus a BBC Bounty Hunter custom made cap. and bragging rights. hehe.

The game was pretty agressive from the get go. Those "scalps" (a single chip in each stack with the players' name on it) looked pretty inviting. i was personally playing a bit tight, although i was getting one of the worst run of cards ever. won a few pots and was up a bit by level 2. Best hand i got all night was AKo and i didnt even hit the flop. Finally got a decent hand, AQo, and bet half my stack pre flop. one guy thinks about it for a while... then finally decides to re-raise me all in. i call, and he shows K-7 suited. King on the flop. end of the game for me. (DAMN! AGAIN! i really dunno if i should believe in bad luck, coz the last tourneyi went all in pre-flop with QQ and i get a caller who had Q9, and he gets trip 9s)

The game went of for several hours more, until it was 3-way action with Kath (ze german snake), NickG, and Dino. Kath was MAJOR chip lead at this point, after several gutsy plays from small stack at the start of final table action. Last hand had nick all-inl, Dino goes all-in on the too, and kath calls since it was only 1/10 of her stack to call.

KATH: 7d-4h
NICK: Qs-10s
DINO: 5c-4c

The Flop was Kh-5d-4d. The turn was 6d. River was 8c. Kath gets a straight on the river! The lady who had only one bounty to her name going in to the final table (shared coz it was a split pot) won the first ever bounty hunter tourney at the BBC. It was her first tournament win ever too. Great game!

The next one's gonna be even better.

Waaa! :-( and I am miss bubble with no bounty... Guess I played too tight...
Great game you guys! Im proud enough to be playing with you guys. ;-)

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