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Thursday, April 19, 2007 

NickG's $1,000 Pinoy Poker Freeroll!

Yep you read that right!

Nick G, on the occassion of his 30th birthday (WTF!?!) on the 25th, will be celebrating it with a nice little gift for us pinoy poker players in the form of an online freeroll with ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS up for grabs!

Any poker player in his right mind will not let this pass!

All you have to do is go to, download it's poker software (DGN poker network), register a free account, and youre good to go!

Here are more details:

SATURDAY, APRIL 28, at 7PM manila time

Under TOURNAMENTS, go to PRIVATE, then NICKG's Birthday Freeroll, and register there.
The password is Nickgbday.

(be careful coz there are TWO tournament tabs and you might get confused)

only 100 seats are available so register as soon as you can!

Don't miss this opportunity guys, it doesnt happen too often ;)


Ok guys, for those who want to play cash games or other tournaments in the site, contact me so i can help you with hassle-free cash deposits and withdrawals.

As a lot of local online players can attest, we have a very reliable system to make it super convenient for pinoy players to play real money on this site. ;)

email me at!

no credit cards, no e-wallets, just quick and easy cash transactions locally ;)

on another note, i know people will be playing and there could (and im sure there will be) some guys who will attempt to PM or text their friends or even play alongside each other, and use some sort of collusion.. i know it's hard to resist, but in the spirit of the game and in fairness to the organizers of this tournament, let's have none of that shit ok? hehe.

dont risk getting disqualified!

and also, we WILL find out. mwahaha!

Hey, I keep getting an error message saying that the feature i am trying to use requires for me to be logged on even though i am already logged on. That is when I click tournament.


Can't see the tourney listings for some reason... can you reserve a seat for me ;-)

there are TWO tournament tabs. click the other one. look for it, it's there :)

ok there's a tounament tab next to the CASHIER tab, that's not it.

There's another one next to the 3-card poker tab. That's the one. Click it then got to MTT then PRIVATE.

youre good to go!

Can't sign up, by the way, as the sign-up screen won't display completely (I think I'm missing the part where I agree to "terms and conditions, or some such). Good luck in the tournament

^Edwin, this happened to me too. Just change the text size in you browser (to smallest) and refresh the page. Worked for me and was able to register.

hey thanks for clearing that up bro!

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