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Thursday, July 12, 2007 

WSOP updates

Day 2B just started today, and our prayers and hopes go out to Dirty Ice Cream, the only guy left in the Philippine contingent of poker degenerates! Go bro! It's just A chips! hehe...

So the numbers are in... 6,358 players joined the main event this year. That's a 25% drop in attendance from last year, but still the second largest field in history. Payouts this year are much better, since JUST making it ITM (621st place) will get you $20,320, more than double what you bought in for. Payouts? Here they are...

First: $8.25 million
Second: $4.8 million
Third: $3 million
Fourth: $1.85 million
Fifth: $1.25 million
Sixth: $956,243
Seventh: $705,229
Eighth: $585,699
Ninth: $525,934

not bad at all...

On another note, how about Alan's story? Oh man. It's a sickening hand...
It's level 1, blinds are 50/100, starting stacks are 20K. Alan's in LP and has a 26K stack at this point. UTG (loose player) raises 250, gets called, and Alan peels wired Kings! he re-raises to 1000, and everyone folds to UTG who thinks then re-raises 5000. Alan calls.

FLOP 4-4-10 rainbow.
Check - Check.

TURN K! Nut full house! guy bets 3K, Alan raises 6000, gets called. River A. UTG shoves all-in for almost all of Alan's chips, if he calls he'll have 1,500 left. Time is called on him after he thinks for a long time.

Alan makes the call, and UTG shows A-A for a rivered higher full house. holy...

Too bad for Alan, i know he could go deep in that game.

So there, just look out for neil on ESPN! go go go!

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