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Saturday, July 14, 2007 

Houston, The Ice Cream Has Landed

Neil has finished his run at the WSOP main event as of today, busting out on TT vs. AJ for 222nd place out of 6,358 players, and a nice week's pay of 51,398- more than any filipino based-player's winnings ever in a poker tournament.

The man accomplished a lot of firsts and made history this week in the biggest stage in poker, and like another historical guy named Neil once said...

"one small step for man... one giant leap for mankind."

Neil made one small step for all of us Filipino poker players by making a big last minute decision to play in the WSOP, and he made one giant leap for all of us by showing that, yeah, we DO know what the hell we're doing back here in the RP! That our poker community IS going in the right direction!

SO if you're reading this buddy, we just want to make sure you know we are DAMN PROUD of what you've done. Beating 6,136 players means you've outlasted more players that the 5,500+ that World Champion Joe Hachem beat in 2005! You have single-handedly done more for the Filipino Poker community than any poker tour or poker organization can dream of doing.

Knowing Neil, he's probably disappointed by the fact that he didn't win the whole thing, since this guy won't settle for anything less, be it 222nd or 2nd place. Let's all make sure he knows the magnitude of what he has accomplished, and make him feel like the true winner that he is!

Also, a special mention to the crew who stuck with Neil all the way although they busted out early. These guys represent the future of poker in the RP, and proved this by also cashing in other side tournaments in Las Vegas while waiting for Neil!
RVS, Alan, Amor, Eric, Franco, and Renan, thanks for all the support!

Although i lost $500 or so by not taking Neil's prop bet, i don't really care. I know that when he gets back, we are going to have one SICK party!

Go Dirty Ice Cream!

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