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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

They did it again!

i can't believe i fell for it again! the other night i was playing at the 10/20 with about 8 players, one of them being barb, nickGs' awesome wife. i look at my hole cards and see AK suited, i raise about 10xBB, and only barb calls.


Flop comes J-x-x. barb checks, i bet, she calls.
Turn is an Ace. barb bets like 20xBB or something. Damn. what the hell! is she on AJ?

"barb, you got AJ?" She raises her eyebrows is a "yes" gesture and says something like "respect!".

i fold and show AK, and she laughs and shows A-10! i'm beginning to think they are out to get me. hehe. nice bet barb, great play! and stupid fold on my part.

watch your backs!

scrabble nalang tayo pare...

oo nga eh! ano, 10 pesos per point?

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