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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

Poker Quiz

i recently read a very interesting article from cardplayer magazine.

If you and i each get to choose one hold'em hand among 4s-4c, Jh-10h, or As-Kc to be all-in with before the flop, i will let you choose first every time, and i will be the one with the advantage every single time!

Now, it is common knowledge that any pair beats two over cards by a few perecentage points right? so if you choose the pocket fours, you would be ahead every time right? that's what you think my friend.

AND, you would be surprised at which hand wins pre-flop if the three hands were to go all in against each other!

What do you think? which hand would you pick pre-flop? which one do you think is ahead?

Oh one more tidbit of information, in hold'em, ALL straights will either have a 10 or a 5, but there is ONE straight that you cant make when you hold 10-5, the nine-high straight.

till next time..

you know what i'd pick! :)

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