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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

There is no "Poker" in TEAM.

The phenomenon that is No Limit Texas Hold'em has really taken the RP by storm. It was inevitable that certain variations of the game would spawn out, as players got more creative and played around with the game.

From the "traditional" (meaning, what we watch on TV) No-Limit Sit N' Go & Multi-table tourneys, there was a transition into the ring games, and soon, players started to play Limit games, Multi-rebuy tourneys, heads-up freeze out games, even Bounty Hunter tournaments.
Eventually, people started to think about playing "team" games, where one group or club would play against another.

I just have to say that the concept of team-play Poker is very weird to me. I always thought that poker was an internal game, where your greatest opponent is usually yourself. The World Series of Poker does not have a "Team Event" as far as i know. I've never heard of Team tournaments played elsewhere too.(correct me if i'm wrong). Poker is game where winning means winning money, just like golf. I dont really see how "team spirit" or "sportmanship" can come into play. Team play means TEAMWORK, synergy, and a collaboration of skills and talents, all combined to create a winning team. And besides, most poker players i know dont even have teams or clubs! (Including me!) You can't really pass your hole cards to your teammates if you think you can't make the shot, or even have a "team strategy" that will help you win. Maybe you can play as teams in an SNG and collude with your teammates? Pass your chips, make signals, etc.? hehe.

I believe the concept is very much "Pinoy". It is a very Filipino mentality to have groups and factions. Just look at how fierce our school rivalries are, or how we group together based on our hometowns (ilokano, bikolano, cebuano, etc.), the Fraternities that are really taken seriously by a lot of kids, and a lot of other things. Another thing is how "Macho" our culture can be. We want bragging rights. We love to gloat our victories. We love waving our banners and declaring ourselves winners, and calling the rest losers. Just look at how divided this country is and you'll get an idea.

Although a novelty idea, i don't see the value of Team-Play Poker. I dont see how it will improve your game better than playing in a MTT or SNG. I mean, if you want to prove your skill, win a major tournament. Or be a force to be reckoned with in Ring games.

Poker is still an internal game. If you fumble in crunch time, you have no teammates to blame. If you make a bad decision, it is your fault and no one else's. Skill in Poker can only be measured over time, and through how you managed your bankroll. If your pockets are busted or not, that's where you'll see it.

But that's just my opinion.

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