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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Poker Parties

Played at the ACF again two days ago. One of those days... i seem to hit everything i folded and then lose pots with my premium hands. Called it quits after losing my first buy-in. Another hit to the in-the-red bankroll.

Then there was Mida's birthday poker game. Nice little 2 table SNG with a 500 buy-in. Busted in the final table with A-Q off, got called by KJ and King came out. That's life... Then Dropped by Jaz's birthday game at JGPT, got there late and just decided to chill out with a few drinks, thinking i had enough poker for the night. Decided to finally play about an hour before we were going to leave, and played real tight against some tired and drunk players hehe. it was fun. I just bought in 500, was down to 300, won an all-in and got back to 600+. Kath wanted to go home so i kept on saying "last hand", but then i decided after several hands, OK, LAST HAND for real. i see A-3 in the hole and just call the blinds. someone goes all in with a tiny stack not even enought to raise double so everyone calls too.

Flop came A-A-A.

ooohhhs and aaaahhs from everyone. including me. i'm putting up the best act i can to conceal my monster hand, quad aces on the flop. i checked, someone bet minimum, i call. turn is an 8. bet, call, call, i call. River is a 6. i go all in with an act, saying im sure the pot is mine since i have a full house.

two guys fold before franco calls with a full house aces-sixes. the guy who went all in shows full house too, aces-eights. I flipped over my quads and everyone couldnt believe it. we were laughing about it though, and it was all in good fun.

I found it interesting that i didnt even feel the slightest bit of the familiar heart-thumping, hand-shaking, or mind-numbing effects of flopping a monster hand. My heart didnt even skip a beat. I remember my first quad aces and my hands were shaking uncontrollably, my heart wanting to burst out of my chest. I guess i've grown enough as a player to eliminate those reactions and focus on the hand i'm playing. or maybe, it was because the pot was only 1,500 and if it was a 100,000 pot i would have probably had a seizure, or a heart attack, hehe.

i even split a 100 peso one-handed all-in pot of 1000 with jaz the birthday girl, as we both hit the straight. nice one jaz!

Happy birthday to Mida and Jaz again, it was a blast!

monster quads haha

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