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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 

The Lord of the Ring games: The return of the king-ace offsuit

i always, always hear warning bells and buzzers in my head when i see A-Ko in my hole cards.

my AKo that flopped trip kings but gave nickG a full house is still a fresh memory. hehe.

i know nobody likes hearing bad beat stories but what the heck, i need to get this out of my system!

I'm playing a 9 player table, 50/100 game that's giving me good odds of doubling of maybe tripling up in a few hours if the poker math will just hold up for me. i'm in for about 3K in chips, some are in for 3.5k, 5K, some 10k. In a field like this, i just have to pick my spots and not worry abou the blinds eating up my stack. i'm feeling pretty good at this point, especially when i saw one guy who's known to be SUPER loose and will call your bet with an ace high on the river.

After about 30mins into the game, i've only played 2 hands, pocket 5's and A-Qo, both which did not hit the board. My stack is about 2K at this point, but i'm still relaxed.

then i see A-K offsuit. i thought i heard a fire truck or ambulance passing by from a distance...

about 4 people call the straddle making the pot juicy enough to just call and hope to hit the flop. Guy to my left then raises 1000. damn. AND THEN, mischa calls it and says "you won't believe what i'm calling this with!" and then two more players call! i contemplate going all in with my 1800, but i just call it anyway. the pot is now more than 6000 or something.

the flop comes A-3-5. luis, who raised 1000 pre flop, checks. Mischa bets 1000 in an instant. the other guys fold to me, and of course i put my last 800 all-in. Luis folds his pocket 9's in disgust, and Mischa shows a 3-6! he hit bottom pair, and i have top pair with my AK! i'm thinking "this is my money hand! i just need the math to hold up (i'm about a 70% or so favorite to win it at this point). the pot is about 8000 now!

Turn is a 4... (posted this wrong last night hehe. thanks to ricky for pointing it out. i would have seen that two pair!)

River: a goddamn SIX. Mischa gets two pair on the river!

i dont really mind losing to that guy, an awesome player (maybe one of the best on our shores right now). i probably got my karma for cracking his pocket aces pre-flop with queens one time hehe.

He told me later that in Poker, as in Life, there are no absolutes. Even if you do everything right, there will be times when things will still not work in your favor. just be consistent and you will win more times than you will lose. and i couldnt agree more.

i'm posting this funny article from about AK. it's a funny one!


Psychologists often refer to the 7 stages of grief that accompany any significant loss in an individual's life. We certainly think AK qualifies, and know the stages all too well:

1) Denial: "There's no way I could've missed the flop. They were suited. I can call here, I probably still have the best hand. Shoot, I should raise to narrow the field"

2) Anger: "I raised preflop. The board is 239. What the fuck are they calling on? Oh, now they're re-raising me? Well, we'll fucking see about that. Fine, your 23o hit? Congrat-u-fucking-lations. Cap!"

3) Guilt: "Man, I missed the turn and they're still betting into me. I am such a terrible player. I should really let go of this hand. Let go if it, dumbass. Let go. See, this is why you never make money at poker because you can't lay a hand down you stupid fuck JUST FOLD."

4) Depression: "Call"

5) Forgiveness: "It's ok, you have to look that guy up every once in a while with A high. He might've been on AQ or AJ, and you would've had the best hand then. It's good for your table image anyhow. People won't mess with you now.

6) Acceptance: "Ok, next time I'll just limp and see a flop."

7) Recovery: "Hey, AKs, alright - RAISE!"

Shouldn't you have won that pot?

You had two pair aces and 3's while the other guy had three pair's 3's, 6's, and 5's.

You got gypped out of an 8k pot my friend...

Or maybe your blog was inaccurate? No way that could have gone down at the BBC...

sorry wrong post. the turn was a 4 pala. hehe, antok lang siguro kanina.

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