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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Going pro?

I have officially started off 2006 as a semi-professional poker player/ semi-professional bum. I have to admit, for the past couple of months since the abrupt end of that state of mind, i have been living on poker and poker alone. Yeah of course, i dont pay for house bills of whatever, but i don't ask for anything from my parents too. My everyday existence, eating out, having coffee, going out at night, playing poker, everything is sustained by my meager poker winnings. Most of the time i was playing on my last couple of thousand bucks, but i always manage to eke out a small win enough for a day or two of my indulgences. It also helps that kath has been winning more than i have, so that makes the burden a little bit lighter. (i grind for hours on end only to win double my buy-in or less, and she regularly wins 3,4 or 5 times what she's bought in for!)

This week, i'm starting off my poker career with a new lease on life. I'm now officially a staked player, and in exchange for a bankroll big enough to comfortably play the small stakes ring games, i give up 40% of whatever winnings i book. It's a big sigh of relief on my part, since now i can really play my game and not worry too much about going broke hehe.

I've played only two games since then, and i already ate up about 8% of the bankroll. I usually start off winning early, but end up doing damage control for big hands that wind up going up against bigger hands. I admit, there is a lot of pressure to perform well on my part, but i know i can be consistent in winning if i use proper game selection and just play the edge at all times.

Wish me luck. Or rather, no bad beats! Luck beats me, i don't win with it. hehe.


Update on the Unofficial Philippine Poker Player Rankings:

Several criteria have been chosen for games that will be included in our system of ranking players.

1. 2o players or more MTT sanctioned by any of the regular, recognized poker clubs in manila
2. Minimum buy-in of 500, no maximum buy-in. (with the exception of the JGPT wednesday
games, one of the longest running regular MTT's in our poker community)
3. Any of the BIG poker MTT's that PAGCOR or any recognized poker club or organization will
also be included.
4. Only ITMers are going to be included in the rankings, so rack up those wins!
5. of course, there will also be a "money leaders" board, so all those consistent ITMers will be recignized as well.

Points will be directly proportional to buy-in size and/or number of players. Placing first in a small buy-in, 6 table MTT will probably get you almost the same points as placing first in a 3x bigger buy-in, 2 table tournament, so it balances out.

If you have any suggestions or inputs, they are most welcome.

We'll keep you posted.

That's the way to turn pro - get staked!

way to go on getting staked, miguel. i am really happy for you.
and thanks for including the JG games. i'm glad you're not discriminating our group for its low buy-ins.

pucha, eh di pa uso yung poker nag lalaro na tayo sa JG.

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