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Monday, March 20, 2006 


The Party last weekend was a blast. Hats off to Neil and his awesome idea to have a poker party. Now THAT is the way poker parties should be done! I mean, can it get better than that? Great food, booze, great people, and of course an awesome tournament! Double the pot, bad beat jackpots, bubble and first-out prizes, all rake-free poker, and more.

The best thing about it though, was that it brought together a bunch of people who rarely get together under one roof anymore. It was a reunion of sorts, because i remember seeing those guys almost everyday just several months ago, playing poker, talking politics, discussing strategies, drinking, all until the wee hours of the morning. Neil's party made it possible for that group to play and get together again in one place. It was awesome.

The tournament itself was good. The structure was great, and this was evident in the final table, where there was a lot of raising and re-raising, and not just all-in-or-fold. The heads-up match even lasted a couple of levels, with great action from both guys. Congrats to Sam for winning it all, he took control early in the game, had a big stack, and never let it go. I had a good game, which lasted less than 60 minutes hehe. I had won a couple of pots but los a big one to Sam, and then peek to see pocket 10's on the button. Jericho raises to 300 on the 40-80 level, Sam calls, and action is to me. I think for about 15 seconds before deciding to make a move and push for a total of 800 (the pot is about 720) with the 10s. Jericho takes about 3 minutes to think hard, then decides to just call, so sam does the same with. Flop had Q-J-x, but they didnt check it down, and sam bet into jericho, forcing him to fold on the turn. Sam flips over a Ks-10s, and jericho mucks his A-K in disgust. Sam just has a draw, and i'm still ahead, ready to triple up! But running spades decided to give it to sam, and so my night was over hehe.

Had a blast. The lechon made me a bit dizzy, but the spaghetti rocked. (note to self: check your cholesterol levels.) Didnt drink much though, because everyone was too busy playing and it sucks if youre drinking by yourself hehe.

It was the best poker party. period. Can't wait for the next one! Who's next?

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