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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Green Triumphant

The Blue vs. Green tournament was a big success. The Airport Casino Theater was an awesome venue, it looked like a WPT or WSOP tourney! The event itself was great, food, drinks, the works. (I just dont understand why they bring in those cheap dancers who dance "tsokolate" and shit like that. It just looks cheap.) The prizes were great too, even if it was for charity, they gave away some quality items to the winners and even for the raffle. About 120 players came to play, and the group was divided into two sides, blue and green, to be combined for the final table when each side has 5 players left.

The tournament was a bit of a disappointment (as expected) because of the retarded turbo structure. Other than that, it was good. We started with 10K and I found myself with 5K in chips after NOT playing a single hand post flop, and the blinds were 500-1000 at the 3rd level! There were guys at our table who just learned how to play that same day, and one guy didnt even bother to look at his cards all the way to the river! He said he was just invited to play for charity and he doesnt have a clue about playing poker. This prompted two good players in our table (ariel and benny) to bust out early,after they went on tilt i guess. Well i was at the last hand before the break with my 5K chips, and i see A-2 suited. I decide to see the flop before i push, so i did. 3 other people in the pot and i get 2 hearts on the flop, so i pushed and got the heart on the turn, and quadrupled up before the break! We were down to two tables at this point (started with six) and i was sure i could fold my way to the final table of our side. But the blind increased to 1000-2000 with 200 ante (insane) so i saw my 20K turn into 13K in one orbit without playing anything after the flop. The blinds went up to 2k-4k with 500 ante (shyet) and im in the BB, so i im left with about 9K after i post and there is 10K in the pot pre-flop. i see pocket 7s and one guy limps in, so i pushed. He limped in his JJ so i was screwed.

Nick G played a super tight game and found himself super short stack with 4K chips at the final 2 tables (one big blind i think) along with Checkpoint Louie who had a nice stack at this point (he was playing really well). Nick goes on a miracle run and ends the final 2 tables with about 130K in chips! What a rush! (it helps when you push with A-A and get called by 2 people, one of whom had Q-6 hehe!)

The final table saw 5 greens and 5 blues fighting for the first prize of a JVC 42' plasma TV, plus P70K worth in non-cashable chips for the casino games. Everyone in the top 6 gets something too, an aircon, a fridge, a burberry jacket, ferrari items, non-cashable chips, etc. Luis and Nick are still in, but it sucked that their big stacks that they worked hard to build will just be taken away, and everyone will start with an equal 20K in chips, the first level being 500-1000. Final table action was really exciting, with a guy getting taken out on the very first deal. A couple of guys who were in the final table have never even played a tournament before, so the experienced players were really having a hard time making a move. Nick happily folded his way into the money, with four people going out early. By this time, Luis had the chip lead with his aggressive and intimidating play. Soon enough, the blinds caught up with nikc and he went all-in and busted out in 5th place, winning an Aircon, 10k in chips, and a Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Green label set.

Luis on the other hand, with his dark shades and intimidating stare downs, was still in contention to win the Plasma TV, having the slight chip lead among the last 4. Pocket JJ hurt his stack when he was bluffed on the river by a very gusty play from Boydee, a first time tournament player who was picking up important advice during the game from luis himself. By some lucky plays, (luis goes all in pre-flop with K-9 on a bluff, gets called by pocket 9s, and the board shows 5-6-7-8! split pot!) Luis manages to make it to heads up with the eventual winner, Boydee. The game ended in a non-climactic fashion, as Boydee had a huge chip lead at this point, and i think he even won the game with an A-A or something. Luis was THIS close to winning that Plasma, and i'm sure he deserved it more. Oh, and the final table was dominated totally by the green players, the top 6 having 4 greens and 2 blues, and the final 3 being an all green affair. In the spirit of camaraderie, it wasnt really a green vs. blue game, bu a green AND blue game. (that's what they said. yeah right hehe.) Luis won 30K in chips and a... (drumroll...) Lancel Luggage set! luggage! (hey, it's worth $500 or something) sadly, no one won the special prize for anyone who made a royal flush in the final table, which was a Mercedes-Benz B170 compact sports tourer.

Congrats to nick and luis, two of the crew who made it to the final table against all odds. It was a minefield! Special mention to Luis and the way he played, which was awesome. Like nick said, it was the first time that i was really impressed by how luis played in a tournament. He used his image to his advantage, not scared to stare people down, calling the dealers by their first names, and other things that made his opponents intimidated. He made great plays when it counted, and got lucky during the right moments too.

Also, the event was co-hosted by non other than the German Snake herself, kath. She was also the host for the TV coverage by Solar. (which included a segment on chip tricks by yours truly! hehe) Great job Kath! Watch out for her in other TV poker events too!

Congrats to PAGCOR and the organizers of the event for a successful and exciting game. We hope there will be more to come, with better structures and better prizes too! Congrats to the Lasalle team for proving who the better poker players are hehe!

Animo Lasalle!

Sayang si chkpt louie pati si nicky g. Benga na sana yung plasma sa sala nila... anyways mukhang masarap naman yung bagong aircon, maleta at lalo na yung green malt and blue label... hehehe

mga worth $1000+ pala yun luggage. hehe.

salamaty din sa mga tinuro mong chip trick haha sana ipalabas sa TV

on behalf of PAGCOR, thank you for making the event a success.

hahahaha kelan papalabasin? kala ko 500usd lang e... cheater pala si zj tingnan mo yung comments page ni grindblog sa most profitable week

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