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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Green vs. Blue and other stuff

It's almost surreal to think that we were actually in the same room with Doyle Brunson and that we shook his hand, talked a little bit, took photos, and had stuff signed by the man himself. Watching him play from 5 feet away was almost unreal. I know the opportunity might never again be available to us ordinary guys who can't go to vegas or what, so i'm really glad i had the chance to experience a bit of history.

The program was a bit, ummm, i dunno really how to describe it (embarassing? retarded?), with the tournament taking FOREVER to start (it said 6pm but started 10pm) delayed by stupid song and dance numbers that had nothing to do with poker, hosts and emcees who didn't really know what the hell they were talking about, (wow sir, you must be really to good to win two world championships with deuces of tens!) and a retarded blinds structure where everyone starts with TEN big blinds at 15 minute levels.

But Doyle and his crew were good sports and just went along with the program all smiles. What a great guy. After the program, he even went up to the cash tables and said goodbye to the players before being whisked away to his hotel.

Well, after a rush like that, what else is there to do but play some poker! So i promptly did my thing and lost going all in while pressing my edge (my all in was pot sized pre-flop, made everyone fold except one guy with 8-9 offsuit.(?!?) he got two pair on the flop against my sixes.)
Kath (who swore NEVER to play in the ACF after tasting multiple bad beats) had a better night, cashing out TEN TIMES her buy-in! Go kath! (maybe i shouldn't play and just stake kath all the time.)


I'll be playing the Green vs. Blue game on saturday, gonna go for that plasma TV! The blinds strucutre again will be a bit retarded and super-turbo fast, so i'm hoping to get lucky and hit the cards right. No amount of skill will win that game for anyone. The luckiest man that night will win the tournament for sure. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.

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  • The best poker I've ever played has always entailed peace. A relaxed comfort. Eyes open, ears open, radar up. Absorbing my opponent's every message. Taking them as they come. Not mixing what those messages are with what I want them to be. It's like an aerial view. A view from above the myriad luck-dependent reactions of those many people who never gain such a peace. And when you gain that view, that peace - when you'd rather have the truth, no matter how disappointing, over a false hope, no matter how desirable - then you're a player. The hand you're on slips into a stream of thousands of other hands, no one of which, because of your lofty view, seems unduly important, no false fearful emotions rise within you. When you gain the peace of lofty perspective, you're a player, and when you're a player, you're free.- from "King of a Small World" by Rick Benett
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