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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 


Last night i played at my regular tuesday night game, and i was reminded of how brutal the game can be at times. Ive been playing there for over a year, and i basically know how to handle the loose, wild, "money-doesnt-matter-im-doing-this-for-fun" players that regularly go and play. Ive had my share of bad nights, but when it's good, it's really good. I would usually buy-in for less than half of what the others buy (they all buy-in max), pick my spots, wait for a good opportunity, then BAM, double or triple up, then relax and play my game. Last night was pretty much the same, and by the end of the night i cashed out double of my total buy-ins, booking the win.

No, it wasnt me who suffered the brutal bad beats, but rather kath aka the German Snake, a well repsected poker player in our community. I watched as she went all-in way ahead, only to get sucked out on the river not once, not twice, but three times that night!

First hand was her AQ vs. an AJ, all-in pre-flop, with the J coming on the river. Ok, it happens... next hand with the SAME PERSON, her 10-10 going all-in pre-flop called by an A-6o, with an Ace of diamonds, and 4 diamonds coming on the board! After taking a 30 minute breather, she came back and bought in, and after some close calls, got back to almost even out for the night, then, her last hand...

After she raised it big pre-flop, she got a caller, and on a board of 4-6-7 rainbow, the caller bets 100, which she raises to 500, then the guy still called. the turn was nothing, so she went all-in after the guy checked, only to get called. The guy turns over A-4 while kath shows her Pocket Queens. River: you guessed it. the damn Ace. Brutal night for kath, and i know how it feels as ive experienced not just brutal nights but brutal weeks, even months.

Man, this game can sometimes really be cruel.

Badbeats are tough. Remember its still part of the game.

Sometimes when I'm up on a lil ring game, you can sorta feel like you're bound to get a bad beat and that would get a chunk of your big stack...

gl next time remember its all about the EV

That sucks dude but tell her, that poker is a zero sum game, and the more bad beats you get now in the future it will be repaid. Sort of like Poker Karma.

Poker can be so cruel, but that's why we love the game so much.

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