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Sunday, March 26, 2006 

Random Things

It's been a while since my last post (thanks to this lousy connection) and there hasnt been much going anyway. I havent been playing much due to the "purification process" (read: bankroll busting hehe) i went through the previous 2 months. After i went through that stage, i found myself playing better and having a better attitude towards how the game works and making better decisions at the felt. Everyone should go through something like that, even just a small one.


Yesterday i played at my uncles house, a family affair that used to be Pusoy Dos or Tong-its everytime there is an occasion or even just for the weekends. You see, i come from a family of gamblers. There are times where you'll see something like a family reuinion in the casino because they like going together and playing the slots or whatever together. Cards have always been a staple in any family gathering, that's why when we introduced the game of Hold'em, they instantly got hooked. It was a small game where the max buy-in was 500, but in the end kath and i managed to be the only winners at the table. Lucky cards, loose game, and some well timed bluffs helped, but i guess that just proves that skill and luck IS balanced in the game. Checkpoint was playing too, but when that guy is not in tournament mode, he just can't resist bluffing and would get his hands caught in the cookie jar. His stack goes up and down like a rollercoaster! He would have won too hadnt it been for the last few hands that busted his stack.

I cant forget one hand though, and no, it is not a bad beat. I was playing a 6h-5d on the button and flop had Q-2-x rainbow. Due to the loose nature of the game, i bet it with after the 2 people in the hand just checked. They both called, and the turn produced the 4 of hearts. Again i bet even more, one folded but the other called. I knew i was busted and she had something, so when the river was being dealt, i called out "three!" because i thought it was my only out, the gutshot. The river came another heart, and now she bet out on me. I felt really stupid and said "fold" while still holding my cards. Chekcpoint asked "can i see your cards?" and i said it was a stupid play ishould have even been in that hand. But when i lifted my cards for a last peek before mucking, i saw that it was SUITED with hearts, and that i had a flush! wow. it was the first time i ever made a blunder like that. In my head, that 5 was a diamond. What a stupid mistake, and it cost me a big pot too. I guess we all make mistakes like that. Never again!


The other day i played a 2-4 NL game (yes, two peso- four peso). I remember saying something like that last year, that one day we'll see a 1-2 or even a 2-4 game eventually. It was a fun game, no stress. My last hand of the night, i had JJ and raised and got re-raised, with a flop of Q-Q-9 i bet out after he checked, check-bet-call, check-check on the turn, then a huge bet on the river to push me all in so i just called anyway (2-4 game!). Turns out the guy flopped QUAD QUEENS. Ever been sucker punched? You never see it coming. I never put him on a Q since he was big stack and was being a bully all night. The overbet just made it look fishy, after the check-check on the turn. Quads. Great game.


Gotta go and get a damn haircut, my hair is taking on a life of it's own.

Till next time.

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