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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 

300K gtd Poker Weekend was a Blast

So another successful tournament for the whole crew wrapped up last saturday. 60 seats filled, awesome poker play, great group of players, and everything else you could ask for in a poker tournament.

These big tournaments are always a reunion of sorts for us guys who were there when the seeds of Pinoy Poker were being sown. Funny that the guys who made the final table were mostly the same guys who were playing poker a couple of years ago in the regular home games, the "underground" MTT's, and of course in the hallowed poker grounds of the BBC...

Congrats to Mnlgrnd, one of the true legit Pinoy online poker pros in the country, for winning 2nd place for a nice P72,000 payday! Same goes to Nick, who sat to my immediate right most of the tournament, for playing a solid game and taking the whole thing down fro P114,000+ last man standing of maybe another 6,000 i think. Good job guys!

Check out Poker Filipinas and ManilaGrind for pics and other details.;)

Funny that the guys who made the final table were mostly the same guys who were playing poker a couple of years ago in the regular home games, the "underground" MTT's --> aside from ManilaGrind, who else from the "old days" made it to the final table?

Final Table included the following from the "old days":

Nick G
Mark D

I didn't make the FT at san lazaro, but nickg cashed (3rd) in davao this past weekend, dirty ice cream cashed 222nd wsop main event (1st Filipino ever), bryan malantic (BBC) won the WSOP philippines event. Wally wins about 1 out of every 2 tourneys he plays here, oh and ice cream has cashed about 2m in local tourneys alone. apart from the wsop! i think the case could be made that the old days are pretty well represented :)

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