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Monday, October 17, 2005 

The Academy presents: The amazing no-look all-in deal

just got home from BBC, it's 6am. I was just witness to one of the most amazing hands of poker i have ever seen, and i even have a picture as proof of it! ( as soon as i upload it, i will insert it in this post)

so here's how it went. It was the last 3 deals with the last 3 players left in the house which was Gilbert, Warren, and The Attorney and it's down to that sweet science that these players have mastered through dozens and dozens of repetitions.

The No-Look All-In.

It is actually down to The Atty. and Gilbert now, and they have not looked at their cards. Warren has been eliminated already after the first deal. after a series of no-look all-ins, atty is down to his last 360, which he placed in the pot before the cards were dealt. Gilbert, who took Atty. down in the first two no-looks with an amazing back to back two pair, happily calls the last hand of the night.

Flop comes 5-6-9 all clubs.

turn is a Queen of hearts. River is an Eight of clubs.

Gilbert first turns over one card, a 7 of hearts, which gives him a straight! Then he turns over his second card, a Queen of clubs, giving him the top pair AND the queen high flush!!!

A roar of amazed ooohhs and ahhhs reverberate across the empty room.

It's now Atty's turn to turn over his cards. He first turns over one card, jack of diamonds.
Then he turns over his next card.

A SEVEN OF CLUBS, giving him an amazing STRAIGHT FLUSH!!!

Everybody in the room erupts in a chorus of deafening screams of amazement! All nine of us!

wow. No-look straight flush beats no-look top pair/9 high straight/ queen high flush.

Only in the BBC...

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I can just imagine the crowd.

Pero, Dude...bakit wala kame sa links mo? Tampo na ko. Hmp!

natulala ako upon reading your post.

anong oras na non? nagising kayo lahat, i presume... tanginang mga no-look all-ins yan.

Check it out boys and girls!

Pahuhuli ba kami?!

Huling huli na nga. hahaha!

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