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Saturday, October 08, 2005 

Strange deja vu

There's one thing worse than being 2nd place all the time.

That's being 3RD PLACE all the time!

It's deja vu i tell you... Final three down to me, mischa, and another guy. It's the Mango classic all over again. Mischa and I got about even stacks and i end up going all in right before being blinded out, figuring my K-7 off is decent enough. So i ran into pocket kings. 3rd place again.

i know i shouldnt complain, it was an awesome game, especially the final table action. Man that table was tiiiiight. Mischa folding K-Q pre-flop and stuff like that. What a game.

but hey, last tourney i played (in JGPT) i placed 3rd too. i'm starting to see a pattern here... damn. i was on a mission last night, i really wanted to win the BBC5oo. It would have been my buy-in to the big one, the Rooftop Invitational with the HUGE pot up for grabs.

My mission is to make the buy-in by playing the ring game and BBC500, and so far i'm halfway there. 2 more weeks.

to be honest, i wouldnt mind making 3rd place in THAT tournament. hehe.

watch your backs!

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you know what's worse than getting 3rd place all the time? it's bubbling out all the time.

tell jaz and me about it.

Oh yeah! 3rd place is always good since you're in the money. But making it that far and end up on the bubble is sooooo frustrating.

Excellent, love it! »

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