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Thursday, October 13, 2005 

As loose as it gets

i just had to write about this. no this is not a bad beat story.

i've been playing poker for some time now, and i've seen a lot of things happen already. Quads beaten by higher quads, my straight flush beating a full house, aces cracked countless times by rag hands, bad beats to last me a lifetime, and other crazy stuff.

but last night takes the cake. it did not only take the cake, it ATE the whole cake!

Ok, so the hand went like this. A player opens up the betting with a bet of 100 (5xBB), with one caller. the action goes to Barb, and she says "how much is that? 100? i raise you all-in" and she flips her cards over and shows two black aces, saying "call me." She's has almost everyone in the hand covered with her big stack, so the others are now scratching their heads and folding their cards... but not this other guy! Without hesitation and with confidence in his voice he says "ok, call!" and flips over his cards, A-J offsuit.

WHATTHEF&%CK!!! i couldnt stop laughing! now the move was not far from what this ultra loose, manic, wild, and eccentric player who looks at poker as a form of luck and chance game, but anyone with common sense would see the stupidity of making that call!

Barb got a bit scared for a moment since her aces were cracked twice just the night before, but i was pretty sure they would hold up this time. and they did. OF COURSE. the poker Gods are not THAT cruel. i even heard the guy talking to the guy beside him saying "who knows, i may have gotten two pair or something. you should have seen those aces cracked the other time!" dude, your two pair would have giver her trips. hehe.

haaayyy... only in the BBC. hehe.

tangina dude. na-shock ako.
sayang wala na kami dyan.

sino yon?

haha sino pa? hindi si atty.

hindi si attorney? text mo naman sa akin yung sagot. di ko talaga mahulaan. hahahaa.

atty wouldn't call that :)

yeah give the guy some credit. bakit, may pangalan na ba kayo sa wall? sya meron hehe.

sino nga miguel??

I talked to that dude last night, I kinda now know why he plays like that. The stakes are simply too small for him as compared to his casino play. He also admits that he plays like a moron most of the time due to the fact that he likes to drink alot. But then again, it's not a reason to play like a jerk.

Give him sometime, he will also learn the game. But that call was outta this world. lol

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