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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

The JG Poker Tour Dead Money Bounty Tournament

The first-ever JG Poker Tour Dead Money Bounty

Date: November 19, 2005

Venue: Penthouse. Legrand Condominium. Valero St.,
Makati City.

Game: No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em - No Rebuys

Maximum Players: 70

Registration time: 230pm

First Deal: 330pm

Places Paid: no. of tables plus two

Payouts: Guaranteed 45% of the pot for the 1st, 20%
for the 2nd, all other places to be announced during
the tourney

Buy-in: 1,200 + 300 + 100 (If you're wondering what
the 50 is for, we'll explain later).

Finally, a tournament hosted by the members of the
sole poker group that is proud to admit that all its
members are dead money. In an embarrassing display of
pure bravado, JG poker tour is inviting the best
players in town to pit their skills against their own
somewhat mediocre poker-playing abilities.

In this amazingly lopsided tournament that can
possibly seat 70 contenders, manila’s greatest poker
players will play against themselves (and JG Poker
Tour’s somewhat confident beginners) where people will
eliminated one by one until only a sole survivor
remains to claim victory.

Bounty Hunter Twist

Two players will be chosen randomly and he/she will
have a bounty on his/her head.
The bounty hunters who take the two players out will
half the total bounty..
BUT... if the person with a bounty is able to make it
to the final 2 tables, he/she gets the winnings to

Pre-register today and avoid the pains of a waitlist.
Contact Jardine at 0918-9072729 or check out our
friendster site by searching user:

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