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Friday, October 28, 2005 

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the River(house)

Played in the Riverhouse for the first time tonight. Great place, great people, great poker!

The place was busy! It's great to know we got a lot of poker fanatics on the northern end of the metro too. Three tables and the house was packed. There were a lot of new faces iv'e never met at the tables before. i even met some friends who i didnt even know played poker! Kath and i got there and we were barley enough to fill one table but before you know it, people kept on coming in and filling up the other tables. I just have to say that it was very refreshing to finally play the good old ring game with practically all new faces (except for kath of course). It was a rush that i havent felt in a long time, and it was good to feel that again.

i did pretty well considering i was down 1500 about 3 hours into the game, but got back to almost even (cashed out 1100 i think) before we had to leave. A major blow to my stack was when a new guy just came in and sat to my left. The guy (Sean, a pro ball player) sat and played his first hand and was smack talking (but all in good fun) already. I had Qd-9d, and got to see a flop for cheap. flop came Jd-10d-2d, giving me a flush AND an open-ended straight flush draw. i bet 100, about half the pot at this point. He re-raised me, all the while doing some more smack talk, so i put him on a draw for the flush and just called his raise. (i wanted to push him all in but for some reason i wanted to see the turn first.) Turn was another Jack. He pushes, i call. he had pocket 2's and got the Full house on the turn! oh well, the straight flush didnt come out so no river story here hehe. Kath played awesome and walked out with 2000!

Kudos to the FAPA boys for doing a great job on the Riverhouse. Youre doing a great service to the Poker community and we all know that the rewards are gonna be exponential for us guys taking the first steps in building this Poker scene.

To those guys looking for new games and fresh new players to play against, check out the Riverhouse! I'm pretty sure i'll be back next week!

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Hey Migs!

Thanks for the glowing reviews man! Glad that you and Kath enjoyed yourselves and that you went home winners.

We'll see more of you guys in the coming weeks, ok?

Thanks thanks!

BBC 500 tonight! Woohoo!

kath went home a winner i ended up almost even lang, down pa hehe.

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