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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Funny thing happened to me today...

A funny thing happened to me today...

I was playing a 4 table MTT at the regular wednesday game. About 75% of my stack got burned during the first round when i had pocket queens, got called by a K-J-off after i raised 300 in late position on the 10/20 blinds level. Flop was A-J-x. She bet, i raised, she called. Turn was a K. She bet, i folded the queens. ouch.

So i was playing tight the whole time, and i got lucky enough to double up. With the blinds up to 100-200, i see A-K off in the hole. I push my 700+ small stack all-in, and everyone folds except one player, who is trying to think if she'll call or fold. This person also has a small stack, about 500+, and she's thinking maybe it's time to make a move. So she flips over her cards, J-7 of clubs, maybe hoping to get some feedback from the other players about what she should do. While they give their opinions about whether she should call or fold, i flipped over my AK, just to return the favor. At least she has a chance to fold and maybe wait for a better hand.

She decides to call. HA?!?

7 on the flop. And to add insult to injury, J comes on the river. ouch.

I still don't understand it. Maybe it was intuition on her part, or maybe she just wanted to gamble. We will probably never find out, much like we will never know if bigfoot exists, or if aliens really landed in roswell. I had a hard time understanding algebra, but i will probably never understand how some poker players think.

Life sometimes likes to play cruel jokes on us. hehe.


Some info about our player rankings, this 40 player JGPT game will be the first MTT to be used to rank out tourney players. Most of the poker groups were represented, so i think it is fair enought to start off with this game. There will be another tourney, i think 2 of them, this week, and those games will be part of the rankings too.

From now on, any major MTT results will be included in our unofficial rankings. as soon as i get the results for the games, i will start posting them on a separate blog starting next week.

Start playing more tournaments people! circulate yourselves in the poker community, it will only help us grow and become better players.

watch your backs!

She played THE DENIS! Ahahahaha!

i feel your pain bro :) welcome to my world hahahahaha

in defense of her,(of course im biased) she really does admit that she plays a lot of feel cards..u should see the premium cards she folds and trash she plays during our sit-n-go's :)

good to know that someone from jgpt is no.1 :), at least for this week

"u should see the premium cards she folds and trash she plays during our sit-n-go's :)"


si carol ba? haha

hehe anonymous na nga eh.

i know jards, sabi ko nga sa kanya, call nalang nya para reverse psychology.

kasi pag A-K offsuit, sure ako talo ako!

pero alam ko small stack play yun. she's gotten a lot better than before too. hehe. bad beat story lang eh hehe.

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