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Friday, January 27, 2006 

First Times

It's really amazing how poker has grown so much since last year. Most of what we predicted has eventually become a reality, and now virtually everybody knows how to, or at least is interested in learning to, play the game.

I'm in a bit of a nostalgic mood since I remember learning and starting to regularly play Hold'em around this time last year. once a week, every tuesday, we'd play a P500, 1 table SNG game, winner-take-all. We didnt know better, we just made up the rules like blinds escalation and stuff like that.

Then i met the JGPT guys, and my once a week habit became twice a week, even thrice a week. loose, fun, who-cares-about-odds poker gameplay. This was when ring games sounded like "too much gambling" and all we played was TV style poker. Here i met the likes of Camp hold'em, and of course, Nick and A55.

Then there were the "BIG" tournaments. 40 players! 1500 buy-in! 20K first prize! first time i walked into a Multi-table tournament, i knew this game was for me. Then during the greenhills tournament, there was a small meeting of minds among some people who really love the game. On that day was born the idea of The State of Mind.

Less than 3 weeks after, it was up and running.

Man, that place had a lot of memories, even if it was there for like, 100 days only! Can you believe it was that short? i can remember so many things that happened there. It really IS where it all started. The first drop that started the ripples in the pond, the snowball that started the avalanche.

Nobody even knew what the hell rake was before that. Today, you cant find an unraked game ANYWHERE... Dealers? The best dealers up to this day are the original crew of the state of mind. Where did you first learn about general table etiquette and house rules/ table rules? The first regular ring games, 500 MAX buy-in, 10/20... remember those? The first "BIG" game, the 50/100... The first six-figure pot... The first 20+hour session! The first regular MTT, The Friday 500 and the wall of fame... heck, i had my first Straight-Flush there!(i remember every single detail of that hand till this day.)

i remember the dart board (i'm getting that back soon). The office. The cold beer and the cup noodles. ahhh...

That place was like a second home to some, and it was the home of the best poker in town.

To those new to the game who never got to experience the State of Mind, you guys missed out on a piece of history. I know all the regulars miss that place, i know i do. Yeah there are a LOT of games out there today. Everyone has their own game now. The casino game is rockin' everyday.

But really, can anything beat the feeling of having that huge steel door slide open, and walking down the steps into the cool, smokey hall of the BBC, hearing the chatter of the players, and the shuffling sounds of the chips? I'm sure everybody remembers their first time walking in there. It was almost surreal, the transition from the "real world" and into the BBC. I'm sure everyone has something to share about their experiences there too.

Man, i loved that place.

A cozy comfy homey place.

i miss the conversations in the office.

san mig lights and rings.

get the dartboard! haha



the msg of the cup noodles.. everyone saying: "ken, beer.."

i miss playing with chips with the same values regardless of color :)

yeah before BBC hehe

sorry. i just had to put that wahaha

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