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Saturday, February 11, 2006 


Note to poker gods: why do they always manage to get that runner-runner on me? I don't want to go into the details. lets just say i flopped trips and overbet the flop and turn, but he still got his runner-runner/gutshot straight. ugh.

It made me start to think about how other players think when they play. I guess most players here are only concerned with their own hand, and are oblivious to what their opponents are holding. As most of us know, there are many layers in the thought process of a serious player
who is against another player in a hand.

What am i holding?
what do i think my opponent is holding?
what does my opponent think im holding?
what does my opponent think i think he's holding?
what do I think my opponent thinks i'm holding?
how much is the pot? how much is the bet? why did he bet that much? how much should I bet? should i raise? should i call? what are my pot odds?
and many more layers of hand analysis, player reads, and odds calculations.

i guess most players are stuck in the first one. They can't get past the fact that their A-K is no good anymore after the river, even if they hit nothing, and will still call a bet. They cant let go of their pocket 10's even if the board has four overcards and they are facing multiple bets and raises. Can't really complain because ultimately, they are the one who will fatten the bankroll. yeah they'll hit their runner-runner once in a while, and that's why they keep coming back for more.

If there was no luck in poker than it wouldnt be fun anymore.


when are we going to have those regular SnG tournaments at the Airport Casino?

i was playing in a friends' place somewhere in pasig, and after the game i realized that iv'e been playing with the same guys over and over again. We've become good friends over the long hours and hours of playing, and i just thought that it sucks that we try to get each others money at the table, sometimes having the unavoidable ill-feelings (at least for a short while) that they are milking you out of your money, and they are your so-called friends. I mean, the money just goes around and get passed from hand to hand every other day.

That's why i'd really love to have the regular daily SnG's in the casino, so that we go up against mostly strangers and people we don't really know. And most probably, people who don't really care about losing their money. If i win a big pot againts a friend who i know has kids to feed, knowing that that pot might have fed their family for a few days, i cant help but feel a tinge of guilt. That's why softplaying is very common. I flopped a set the other day, then a guy went all-in and told me to fold to his straight, which i did, and he did have it. He did it becuase i was having a bad night of bad beats and suckouts.

I wouldnt mind taking money from a rich guy who's idea of a thrill is to bet P10,000 on one hand of baccarat.

The casino game is still hard to crack for me, i've never really won anything substantial there, but i think an SnG gives me better odds because of the equal stacks and no rebuy factor. i'd love to see those loose cannons self-destruct and take each other out in a single-table SnG!

So, to those concerned, let's get those daily tourneys going eh?

watch your back!


i just hope my previous post does not get deleted after i post this one. crossing my fingers.

yes! it's fixed!

sngs rock! turbo sng nanaman yan hahaha :p kala ko ayaw mo ng turbo?

'Whatever the environment, whoever your opponents might be, you must play the game tough, you must play the game to win money' -sklansky

Glad you fixed it. The Airport Casino is supposed to start SNGs (single and multi), but we are awaiting the bosses to return from a learning mission to Vegas and Atlantic City before the approvales. SNGs will be viewed only as a marketing tool, as the real money is in the cash tables...

Regarding Short-Term Luck...I used to play golf regularly and sucked at it. But I would be able to blast that 280+yarder right down the middle from time to time and that kept me comin' back. I was, of course the long-term loser in that game (fish), so I stopped gambling at that. Let 'em hit runner-runner on you. Just have the bankroll. You should be playing with about 25 buy-ins for NL ring anyway so you can ride out that overwhelming monster, short-term luck.

SNGs - Fish is right, SNGs are great, but you need volume, volume volume! So I guess the best way to do this is online or in a 24/7 SNG only cardroom heheh.

i didnt say i dont like turbos, because there are some turbos that are well structured.

and with our low stakes games, turbos are the only feasible game, time-wise.

yep, im gonna start playing online soon too hehe. i'm getting tired of playing with the same guys over and over again honestly.

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