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Sunday, May 14, 2006 

ACF 1K Weekly Tournament!

I just first have to congratulate PAGCOR and the PBT guys for running a flawless and well-executed tournament yesterday. 120 players came, and built a 170,000 peso pot with their buy-ins and re-buys. Not bad considering that the buy-in was only 1000+200, then you get a chance to win up to P50,000 (the 1st prize), but getting even 3rd of 4th wasnt so bad! The pot was well distributed and paid 14 places. The game even had one rebuy up to the second level, which really added to the flavor of the tournament. Overall, very very well done.

Also, Congratulations to one of the regular rounders who always wreaks havoc in the games he joins, and if this guy doesnt bust out in the first round, expect him to make it deep into the tournament. None other than JJ the Duke made it to 3rd place out of 120 players, and won P20,000+! Good thing i had a piece of that action hehe, i made maybe 200 pesos by trading pieces with him and a handful of other guys LOL! Nice game Duke! Congartulations also to our friends who made it ITM, i heard there were several. An amazing story is Atty. Oli's 'comeback of the century", where he got busted on a big hand and was left with 300 in chips at the 400-800 level. The guy managed to crawl back from the grave he dug himself in and make it ITM! (did he? i heard he did. even if he didnt, it was still amazing as he outlasted amost everyone else!) Good game Atty!

Everyone really enjoyed the tournament, and PAGCOR was awesome enough to provide a nice dinner to go along with your P200 fee. I'm pretty sure theyre gonna need more than 15 tables for the next saturdays to come.

One thing though, because of time constraints, they had to compromise the starting stack, which started at 25 big blinds. As usual, by the middle rounds, the game had turned into an "all-in or fold", with the average stacks being about 9 or 10 big blinds. This was compensated by the rebuy factor, but still, 50BB stack would have made a world of difference (but it also might have lasted for 15 hours hehe). The game ended at about before 11 i think, which made it a total of roughly 8 hours of poker play. Not bad for a 1000 buy-in huh? talk about bang-for-your-buck!

As for me, i busted out after about 2 hours of play, going all in on K-K and getting called by an A-Q suited that hit the Ace on the turn. Ouch! i thought i was finally gonna have some chips to play with, but the poker gods decided not so. Note: there were about 6 other incidents of K-K being busted that day, against A-4, A-Q, K-7, etc.! Not a good day for Brokeback!

There really is no complaints, but of course the idealist in me wishes that our tournaments would start to evolve from the all-in festivals of the past into more intelligent, strategic battles.
This is only possible if we didnt have time constraints, and at a 1000 buy-in, the trade-off seems fair enough. I'm playing that game every week for sure!


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Thanks bro, appreciated you guys coming out to play even though the weather and the traffic were really bad. We're trying to work out some kinks that we saw in the system to make it better.

See you next sat.

Thanks for the sweet mention... I think what makes me win is my patience at the felt... Like what I say timing is everything...

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