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Saturday, May 06, 2006 

I Have a Dream

I have a dream... i dream that one day, tournament structures will become standardized for all PAGCOR sanctioned NLHE games run in the RP.

I believe that if PAGCOR has the authority, they should have the last say on the structure of the blinds and payouts in ANY poker tournament run with their permission. This, i believe, will give players peace of mind that whenever there is a tournament, big or otherwise, the structures will be fair for players. They should devise a basis or template for all tournaments to follow, since they are the ones with the authority to do so. They have very reliable sources and consultants who can help them achieve this goal, and these people will gladly do it for the love of the game.

I'm not saying let's immediately adopt WSOP structures or whatever, but rather evolve from the super turbo structures/ all-in festivals that we have become accustomed to and use more intelligent strucutres that weed out more luck and give way to more skill. There are several games out there that use or have used very intelligent structures like the friday tournaments in a certain area down north, and surprisingly, the PPT structure in their big tourny. Payout structures, IMO, should be flat (like the way nickg does it) instead of top-heavy ones that give most of the money to 1st and 2nd. Since getting to the final table is hard enough to achieve in a big field, everyone who does make it should be already considered a winner and be rewarded accordingly. The WSOP gives about only 32% to first place in a big field of up to 300. We can use widely available info to adapt to worldwide standards.

I know this goal will be achieved in the near future. We all have to work hard and let our voices be heard by the powers that be, because believe me, they do listen, and they will give us what we want. If we just sit back and do nothing, then nothing will happen.

Once we have this in place, i believe that the cream of the crop of the poker community will rise up above the rest. Standard structures will allow for consistency and adaptibility for the players.

May the edge be with you.

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