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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

Deuces on the River!

Tonight i was witness to some amazing hands and bad beats at my regular tuesday night game. Wow. It seemed like it was really bad beat night!

One of the most notable hands went like this.

I had 10-3 on the SB, and everyone limped in so i join the family pot. Flop came 3-2-2. Being first to act, I checked. Next guy, a pretty tight player, bets 300 into a 200 pot. Everyone folds except the button, then i fold my hand too, pretty sure that the initial bettor had a 2. Turn was a 3! The initial bettor goes all-in, and is quickly called by guy on the button. Button shows a 3, and the first guy shakes his head in disbelief, since the other guy had only one out (i had the other 3). The dealer then counts the pot and almost forgets to deal out the river, and everyone was making a commotion about the bad beat that just happened.

The river was dealt, and it was the 2! Quads on the river! Man... two ONE-OUTERS in one hand, turn AND river. Amazing.

well i wasnt spared from bad beat night when i got 3-3 on the SB, had about 5 people in the pot, and flopped A-3-4. I bet out 180, got raised to 400, had one caller to the 400, so i went all in for about 900 more! I had them where i wanted to, with an ace and high kicker, or trying to draw. The first guy folded, and he had A-Q. The button called the all in, and showed his A-5, with a gutshot prayer for a deuce. Turn Q. River, you guessed it, a Deuce!

It was bound to happen. Well, that's poker!

Recently, I've been receiving bad beats so fast its like a Mcdonald's Drive Thru. The bad beat that you know its coming to get you on the turn and if not, on the river. It's all good bro, it happens. :)

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