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Monday, July 24, 2006 

A Nice Rush; Apologies

I had a nice little friendly game with some old poker friends at Jard's place last night. We had a small sit n go which i busted out on, but we decided to play a 5-10 ring game in which i won almost 3,000. I was on a sweet rush and had people going all-in on me when i was holding the nuts! Afterwards, i got a text about the 1K sattelite for the big WSOP style tourny, so i decided to ride my rush and give it a shot. We started with 33 players, and my rush DID continue! I had almost 13,000 by the end of the FIRST level on 5K starting stacks! I was getting KK, QQ, AQ, etc all in succession. Then, it happened. First, i had KK and raised it, and someone went all in for a little bit more with AJ. Ok, im thinking im in good shape here, but the guy got a running straight in the turn and river, needing ANOTHER King to make it! My QQ vs, JJ getting just a split pot when the board made a straight. I got AQ, KJ, KQ, ATs, raised them, bet them, called raises, but got NOTHING out of it. The rush HAD to end sometime huh? Eventually, i had about 6,000 on the 800-1600 level, and had to go all-in on AK, which the chip leader called with JJ which he limped in. Oh well, it was a good game!

After busting out, i thought i could pass some time playing the ring game, so i bought in. Just wanted to see some cards, made some small talk with sunshine who i was sitting beside with. Nope, the rush wasnt coming back antime soon. I lost all my chips after raising with QJ, hitting the J on the flop, betting, getting raised all in, which i called. The guy had AJ and a nut flush draw, so i didnt even have to see the turn a river to know that the Q wont come out. Ended up breaking even for the night, losing what i won at jards. It was all good, had a great time. It's nice to feel that rush once in a while.

But there was one particular hand where i acted like a complete idiot and managed to upset a good friend of mine, Sunshine. She was on my immediate left and straddled the blinds, so i was making drama as to why she had to do it on my BB. After about 4 or 5 callers, i decided to just call with a decent hand (A-9 or A-T something like that), but she went all-in! I have to admit i was still tilting from the previous hand where i had AKs and hit the Ace on the flop, all-in, but lost to pocket fours that made a flush. I really, really wanted to see her hand coz of this. Someone called her all-in so i asked to see the hands, which she didnt wanna show. I dont know what i was thinking, but i insisted that i had the right to see it, since someone called it already. I kept insisting to show the hand but realized i was being a prick and so asked her if she can just tell it to me later, but it was too late and the dealer showed it, a steal attempt. I really didnt mean to do it on purpose but at that time, i wasnt thinking straight. No excuses, i apologized to her afterward but i could see she was upset. I'm really apologizing not for what i did, but because of HOW i did it. If you get to read this, sorry about that. My sincerest apologies. Hope it's all good.


Anyway, I'm hoping to get some of that luck again tomorrow in my regular monday tourny. I need to book another win soon, gotta fatten that emaciated bankroll hehe.

Watch your backs!

Hehe. . . Lagot . . . Shine pa..

Thing is, players can always check a hand regardless if it was called or not, or mucked already. I had to do it during that birthday we went to at QC with all the fishes. . .

lagot talaga. Not proud of it hehe.

everybody's allowed to be an a-hole at least once in their life right?

like i said, i was involved in the hand that's why i thought i had the right to see it.

it's HOW i did it that was really dumb hehe.

I'm confused with that rule. Isn't it right that only people who are still in the hand can demand to see a certain hand? Please correct me if I'm wrong. So I'd know better.

Robert rules of poker- Section 3: General Poker Rules.

"Any player who has been dealt in may request to see any hand that was eligible to participate in the showdown, even if the opponent's hand or the winning hand has been mucked."

This right can be revoked IF it is abused ie. a certain player keeps doing it. Then he must substantiate his reason for asking to see the hands.

The issue in my situation was the wasy it came across. looking back, I felt like a complete asshole after that hand.

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