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Friday, June 23, 2006 

Updates, News, etc, etc.

It's been ten days since my last post. I was just too lazy to go out and check my email and update the blog since the PLDT guys have been delaying my DSL reconnection for the longest time. What's new?

So what happened to the WBCOOP on Pokerstars? Well, i managed to win a few pots early on, stayed on average stack for the first hour, which by around that time around 700 players have already busted out of the 2244 registered participants. The first 20 minutes was a breeze since in my entire table, only one other guy was playing, and everyone else was sitting out! Then, i got moved to another table where about six other guys were also sitting out, but i was sandwiched between two bigger stacks, the one on my left being very aggressive and playing every pot with me. I decided to make my move when i had Q-9 on a flop of Q-8-8, betting the flop, raising the turn, all of which was just called by aggressive guy on my left. I figured if he had an 8 he would have raised me to see where he's at. So on the river, i checked to him, hoping he would make a move (i wasn't putting him on an 8 at all, since the last hand he flopped trip 9's and i though it was unlikely he flopped trips again) and sure enough, after about 30 seconds, he bet enough to put me all in, which i called. Yes he had A-8, bye bye for me!
The other guys like JJ, Marco, Nick, and Jaz were also playing while chatting with us, and congrats to Jaz for outlasting all of us and busting out at 183rd in such a big field. She would have gone deeper had she not been rivered by an Ace when she pushed with pocket nines. Good Game guys!

What else has been happening? Havent been playing much, mostly due to bankroll considerations. Played a fun 3-6 home game in makati, which i bought in for 300 and cashed out 2,000! I need more nights like that hehe! Looking forward to the ACF5K tomorrow, which i'll be helping run with NickG again. Hope we break the 100 player mark for a nice fat pot. Hopefully, the new rules will prevent any of the previous events that marred the last tourney and make for a clean and fun tournament this time around.

NBA news! Miami wins in 6! Wohoo! I never lost faith hehe. Go Wade! A nice little gift for Championship hungry Payton and Mourning. If anybody deserves a championship ring, it's the Zo. Battling kidney disease and going through a transplant then still playing at the level he played, wow, that guy is made of something tough! FIVE blocks in game six. That's heart right there.

Hmmm... well that's about it for now. See you tomorrow at the ACF5K!

Oh, check out for some awesome pics!

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