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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Sun, Sand, and Sea

Just came back yesterday from a much needed vacation from the daily grind. Nothing like the sun, sand, and sea to refresh the senses and make you feel as if you just got out of a washer and dryer all squeaky clean and stripped of all the grime and dirt of city living. And i got a nice dark tan to boot!

A few of the poker regulars have gotten somewhat tired of the NLHE game we ALWAYS play, so they decided to have a weekly low-stakes mixed game to introduce other forms of poker like Omaha, Deuce to Seven Lowball, Pineapple, and the like. We tried it last week and everyone felt like little kids playing a game for the first time! Man, everyone was a fish. You can see them smile wide when they make good hand, or there were some who coudnt stop giggling when they made a great draw. Everyone chased their draws, overbet, over-estimated the strength of their hands, and made stupid moves and donkey plays! It was one fun night. It was like playing poker for the first time again. I love it.

It's time we learned how to play poker games other than NLHE. I've been playing mixed games even before i learned how to play NLHE, but mostly it was dealers' rules and played with wild cards. It was fun, but it was mostly a showdown game, with straight flushes, quads and "quintas" going head-to-head most of the time. It wont hurt to learn how to play other poker games right, with proper rules and the like.

I bet it's easier to win a WSOP bracelet playing Kansas City Lowball since only a few hundred join those events as opposed to the NLHE events where thousands of players join.


In other news, there has been a lot of talk abot upcoming tournaments and man, we wont be disappointed! There's supposedly a P2.0M guaranteed with a 5K+1 buy-in, then there's the 10K buy-in WSOP format 400K guaranteed, and of course the big kahuna year-ender, a rumored 5M (to 10M!)guaranteed with a 10K buy-in WSOP format 3-day event!

I can't wait.

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  • The best poker I've ever played has always entailed peace. A relaxed comfort. Eyes open, ears open, radar up. Absorbing my opponent's every message. Taking them as they come. Not mixing what those messages are with what I want them to be. It's like an aerial view. A view from above the myriad luck-dependent reactions of those many people who never gain such a peace. And when you gain that view, that peace - when you'd rather have the truth, no matter how disappointing, over a false hope, no matter how desirable - then you're a player. The hand you're on slips into a stream of thousands of other hands, no one of which, because of your lofty view, seems unduly important, no false fearful emotions rise within you. When you gain the peace of lofty perspective, you're a player, and when you're a player, you're free.- from "King of a Small World" by Rick Benett
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