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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

The 2nd ACF5000 Tournament

Great game at the ACF5000 last saturday! Although the field wasn't as big as expected (57 came to play) it was nonetheless one fine tournament, with a nice big chunk of change of around P95,000 to the winner plus the Silver bracelet and a pair of Ray-Ban Shades courtesy of Lal Gopwani, Ray-Ban Honcho and a good poker buddy of ours.

Final table action was solid, with several bad beats and race to the river situations. Hommi made waves when he beat the chip leader two hands in a row with his trip 2's against K-5 two pair (i think). What are the odds of that? Same hand twice in a row wth the same people! Mark, a poker regular and solid player, eventually took the chip lead for good in a decisive hand that literally won the tournament for him. Small stack French guy Jean (sorry i cant remember all the names) goes all in for about 70K, then Mark also goes all in for about 95K total, leaving the chip leader with a tough decision to call or just fold and let them eliminate each other. After a few minutes of thinking really hard, he decides to call and flips over K-K! Wow..i couldnt believe he realy thought about it that long, i dont know anyone who would have folded that hand anyway. But his worst fears came true when Mark flipped over his A-A! Jean Showed 7-7 and then t was down to 3 players. Chip leader never recovered and busted out at 3rd place for about P43,000, leaving Vince and Mark to slug it out. Mark has about a 3-1 chip advantage, and when Vnce pushed all-in on the first hand of heads up action when he hit his middle pair, Mark quickly called with an open-ended straight draw, which he hit on the River! Great Game for Vince who took home P62,000 plus bragging right to his poker buddies who will surey play the next tournaments from now on. Congratulaton to Mark on a job well done on the final table. As usual the ACF guys did another awesome job on the tournament!

I'm looking forward to the next one already! Hope we fill more seats next month for more exciting poker action. Make it a habit!

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