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Saturday, August 05, 2006 

The Bubble Just Burst

It's official: The WSOP bubble has burst! All the players still playing in the World Series of Poker’s main event now have something to cheer about because they’re in the money.

And most of them did when tournament officials made the announcement.

The bubble burst when a player who finished 874th got knocked out. A line was already forming at the cash-out podium, and players both weary and happy handed the friendly Harrah’s official their slip to receive the $14,597. The next cash bubble occurs at 820. All the players who finish 820 and higher are guaranteed $15,504.

The plan is to play until there are 600 players left tonight. Right now. it's the dinner break, and there are about 735 players left. There are some big names still alive and surviving namely Annie Duke, Ted Forrest, Hoyt Corkins and Darrel Dicken. AMazingly, Daniel Negreanu started the day 6th in chips with about 330,000+, but now has sunk to 55,000. I still dont have the details as to what happened to his stack but knowing the skill level of that guy, he must have taken some sick beats.

I'll try to keep up with the action and post some results as soon as possible!

Where are you getting the info bro? And where's ivey, gordon, hachem and ferguson at?

Funny you asked and i looked it up, and "bubble boy" is a known cash game pro Freddy Deeb! but as we all know, bubble boy gets a free seat at the next WSOP main event, so the real bubble is 875th place, which is... Chris Ferguson! wow hehe. Ivey busted at 879th place. So close...

i get my info from the WSOP site and and other random internet sources bro.

That only drives me more! Hehehe I busted out of the first Philiipine Main event at 12th (almost the bubble boy) and it was devastating. If Ivey and Ferguson busted out that close to the main event then definitely it shows its a part of the game. =) I hope I dont bubble out now on the 3M

Bro, if you werent ripped off in that sham of a tournament, you would have been in the money. Imagine, they raked 50% of the pot? Highway robbery if you ask me.

Cant believe youd still consider playing in those events. i can assure you, your 30K could be spent on something more worthwhile. There are BIG tournaments coming up, run by people who love the game and are not out to rip people off.

Another update, a crowd favorite daniel negreanu battled his way back from about 20,000 in chips to 100,000 by the end of the day! Awesome player! give him more chips and im putting my money on him. They are down to less than 500 players right now.

" The cards just fall as they fall. "


Very good point Mav. I look forward to the big tournaments you mentioned. I think I got your number and I'll give you a ring when I come back.

At the very least I am looking at starting a collection of ACF5K bracelets lol. My first try till be in october.

Man I can't wait to watch the Main Event. Hows my other favorites? Hachem, Phil Gordon and Fossil guy?

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