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Thursday, July 27, 2006 

Pokerstars Results

I just finished playing the Moneymaker Tournament on Pokerstars. Although i thought i played pretty good, i also was reminded of how sick this game can be. We started out with 10,000(!) players, typical for a pokerstars tournament. After winning and losing several hands, i found myself with about an average stack about an hour into the game. I had a big hand against A-8 when i had K-8 and we hit top pair on the flop. Lost a chunk of my stack and after that, tried to play really tight and wait for a good hand.

A few hours and 5,000+ bust outs later, i find myself short stacked and ready to push. One incident i remember was wehn everyone limped and i felt like going all in on the button with 9c-7c, but decided to fold. Flop came 9-9-7! Argh. missed my chance to quadruple up there! Next hand was A-Q off, so i decided to push after nobody raised. I got one caller with A-9 clubs, a dream situation for me. I had him covered but i would be left with 2xBB if i lose.

Flop came rags with 2 clubs! turn, rag. River... club. After that, pushed with JT and had a billion callers and lost to a suited quads LOL! Nice hand, nice game. Always happens to me, no surprise anymore hehe. Coulda been sweet to qualify fo the next round, but i guess 10,000 players is just too much of a crapshoot to even dream of making it ITM. It's amazing how the WSOP main event winners get through those thousands of other players with their sanity intact. It must be a totally stressful experience. oh well, had a good game.

So, if you have a Stars account, give it a shot. Theyre running it almost everyday, and if you have Pokerstars FPP, you can join for 10 FPP if you lose your first try. till next time!

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I hear you Maverick. I played a $18+1.8 tournament for $10K guaranteed and there were 500+ players that joined. The most I've been to is the 170 players of the PPT. I busted out at 70+ place when only the top 60 got paid hehe. These HUGE online tournaments take it's toll and requires a totally different strategy i think. I was 2X the average stack the entire game but the chip leader was at 20X the average! Everyone seems to just go all-in!

BTW bro this is Richie. If you can link my blog to your I'd appreciate it. =)

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