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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Only Losers Blame the Cards

Had a good start to my day when i joined this freeroll on Bugsys Club, a great poker site for anyone tired of the insane crapshoots in the big sites. 947 players joined and they were giving away something like $130 for the top 40 places, and i've joined it a couple of times before with no success. This time i went real deep and placed 31st, won something like $0.50 (LOL) but generally had a great game and had fun. I like the fact that you start with 10,000 chips and 25-50 blinds, so lots of room to play. Busted out when i had 8-8 and raised it, and got one caller. It was 10K-20K at this level, and i had about 180K left. When the flop came 7-high, i pushed all in, got called, and he showed Kings. Good game!

The previous night it was my cousin's birthday an of course there was poker too! It was sort of the highlight of the night hehe. At 10-20 blinds, we played for about 5 hours and i ended up winning about 3,200! Always fun to play with the family, and so far i've never lost in our family games hehe. There, i had a freeroll into the 20-40 game at Pert's house friday!

Well, i'm actually writing this from perty's house, and of course that only means one thing. Busted! Had A-A, re-raised a raiser, got two callers, and i went all in on the flop of K-9-10. the first guy folded, and then the last person called with J-10, bottom pair, gutshot. (must... call... the draw...) true enough, the Q came on the turn. ouch. Left with about 500+, i pushed with 8-8 after a small raise from the same person who called my all-in. She then said, "i have to call", calling about 500 more, with 9-10 offsuit. Turn, 10. "i knew it would come out." she said after the hand. Lesson learned: Dont play against a psychic. After that, here i am, writing this. Hehe.

This time, i dont really feel that bad first of all since i was basically freerolling, and second, i have adopted a new poker mantra. I swear, after hearing this poker quote, it profoundly affected the way i see the game.

"Only losers blame the cards."

I realized how true that was and told myself that i will never blame bad cards or bad luck if i ever lose. The cards just fall as they fall. It was already pre-determined after the dealer shuffled the deck, so why make it an excuse right?

Only losers blame the cards.

Watch your back!

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  • The best poker I've ever played has always entailed peace. A relaxed comfort. Eyes open, ears open, radar up. Absorbing my opponent's every message. Taking them as they come. Not mixing what those messages are with what I want them to be. It's like an aerial view. A view from above the myriad luck-dependent reactions of those many people who never gain such a peace. And when you gain that view, that peace - when you'd rather have the truth, no matter how disappointing, over a false hope, no matter how desirable - then you're a player. The hand you're on slips into a stream of thousands of other hands, no one of which, because of your lofty view, seems unduly important, no false fearful emotions rise within you. When you gain the peace of lofty perspective, you're a player, and when you're a player, you're free.- from "King of a Small World" by Rick Benett
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