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Monday, October 16, 2006 

Go Bryan! Represent!

Six players.

More than P600,000 in the pot.

One chance to make history...

Let's all troop over to the ACF main theater today and watch the first ever WPT final table in the Philippines! The awesome main theater of the airport casino has been primed and set up with a world class WPT stage setup complete with hole cams and the works.

And what better reason to watch it than to cheer on our very own friendly neighborhood Tournament Director and good friend Bryan M. as he fights to win the P208,000 1st prize, a seat in the WPT championship, and a shot at poker immortality as the FIRST WPT Philippines champion!

See you there at 6pm when the first cards are dealt!

Go Bryan! Wear the BBC shirt proud! WOOOHOOOOO!

After all was said and done, Bryan emerged victorius!

As a 3-1 underdog going heads up with Kim the Korean, Bryan lifted the country's pride and honor on his shoulders and refused to let the foreign guy take the title of being the first WPT PHILIPPINES champion.

After about 2 and a half hours of intense heads-up action, bryan finally wore his opponent down and took the win, 200K, a seat for the 25K buy-in championship, 50K in NCC's from ACF, and the best thing, THE GLORY! wowhoo!

go BBC!

Go to for a blow by blow on the final table action.=)

Awesome job from Marco A. and the PBT guys for bringing this to our humble poker community and giving us the chance to live out our poker dreams. I remember watching all the WPT episodes and daydreaming about playing on that stage.

Now it's actually here! December is gonna be FUN!


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