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Saturday, September 23, 2006 

Ace Crackers and Getting Wasted

I played a couple of days ago at JG again, the same big stack long levels game that we've started to play recently. I was really intent on bagging a win this time, and ive been sharpening the SnG skills online too hehe. I started the game playing solid, till i trapped this other guy with two-pair A-J making him push all in on the river after i feigned weakness and checked the turn when the Ace came out, almost doubling me up!

At the 150-300 level, i had about 5,000+ in my stack, which i think was 2nd or 3rd in chips, and we were 6 or 5 handed at this point (we started with 11 players). I got Aces UTG, and raised it to 900. Everyone folds except the Big Blind, who takes quite a long time thinking before deciding to raise me to 2,000. I promptly push my remaining 4,000+ in the pot, and i have him covered by more than 1,000. He takes several minutes before declaring that he was gonna make a bad call, and shows pocket 8's! I'm already thinking about how im gonna run over the rest of the players after winning this hand when the flop comes 7-8-9! No help from the turn or river and i'm down to 1,000. BB comes to me and i get pushed all-in by a raiser, which i call with KJ and it holds up. I'm thinking i can still do some damage and make a comeback, and a few hands later i raise to 600 in LP with A9, and get one caller. Flop comes Ace and two spades, and i push 1600 all-in. Other player thinks for about 5 seconds and makes the call with a K-high flush draw. River is a spade and im out! ouch! Those damn aces...

Better to bust out with the best hand than on a crappy play right? yeah sure, it still sucks though hehe.

Next day i got to play with the same guys at a friend's house on her birthday party, just a fun 100 buy-in game. Got tipsy and played like a loose-caboose and donked my way to busting out at third. We then proceeded to get drucking funk on this great tasting white wine which i think our host had several cases ready for the guests hehe. Damn i've never been so wasted in my life! i think i was having a drunken debate with this other person about religion and shit! I hardly remember going home (hitched a ride with JG) and good thing i didnt bring a car since i couldnt even walk straight! Damn, good thing i didnt get a hangover today, that wouldve sucked big time. So that's what it's like to get puke-drunk and have the world spinning and shit like that. I'm not a drinker and i've never gotten that drunk in my life, so that was a new experience for me!

Let's do it again! hehe!

till next time... watch your back!

Puke Drunk>? Welcome to my world lol..

yeah ang sarap haha!

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