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Friday, September 01, 2006 

The Variance of Life

It's pretty much a cliche when we compare poker to life, but really, it IS so much like life in so many levels that you can't deny the truth in the sayings. Poker is a microcosm of life.

Life is the dealer that shuffles your deck, and whatever cards youre given, you gotta play it. Sometimes you get premium hands, win nice pots, and have a healthy stack. There are days when nothing can seem to go wrong and you feel like youre on top of the world. But you can also get a bad run of cards, with heart-breaking bad beats that just wrenches your gut and make you want to pull your hair out. I'm pretty sure everybody has their own version of these things, and I myself have several experiences that fall into these categories.

But, like poker, it's not WHAT cards you get, but how you play it. Like my favorite poker quote says, "Only losers blame the cards." One thing most poker players hate are bad beat stories, and i've heard and had enough of those to last me a lifetime. For me, with life, i hate "bad beat" stories too. If something bad happened to you, dont throw a pity party for yourself, because everyone has their own problems to deal with. Play your cards! Deal with the cold deck. Life goes on. The next hand is coming and you gotta keep playing. Will you stop playing a tournament just because you got a bad beat? nope. But you have the choice to either suck it up and take it like a man, or whine like a crybaby, go on tilt, and blow off your entire stack on stupid decisions. Dont blow off your entire life with stupid decisions just because you had some bad experiences. The only thing that matters is how you played your cards. As long as you have a chip to play with, youre still in the game. You gotta keep playing.

Poker really is a mirror of life. How you play reflects how you live, how you are as a person deep inside. The beauty of it is, if you have a firm grasp of the intricacies involved in the game and know how to play the game at it's highest level, it will also reflect in how you live your life. When youve learned to accept bad beats as nothing but the uncontrollable fall of the cards, you start to treat events in your life as the same thing, Life unfolding like a deck of cards. Once you learn how to make the most out of both your good cards AND bad cards, you also learn how to make the most out of your good AND bad experiences.

I have to admit that i only have a feeble grasp of what i'm talking about, but it's a start. It all starts with awareness anyway. I'm using this wisdom i learned from, of all things, poker, as i write this article down. I'm going through a pretty bad run of cards right now, and the beats just keep on coming. And im not talking about poker.

Variance in poker is like variance in life, and because of a simple game of cards, i know what i have to do.

I gotta keep playing.


Well written bro...

I can relate!! I always steal from the blind too. They never know what hits em!!


love that last line dude... will keep that in mind when i join tourneys...

"i gotta keep playin"

Haha gamefrog you steal from blind beggars in the street noh haha!

suited, parang Johnny Walker.

Whatever you dream, Keep Walking.

Maybe i should trademark the statement. hehe

Whatever your dream, Keep Playing. ;)

Man, you are getting really introspective huh? What's going on with you?

pass the dutchie to the left hand side... pass the dutchie....

since i'm never serious about anything, this is the only plcae i can get away with it haha!

Thats exactly what peeps have to do Mav...keep on playing and try to keep their "chips" up. You are doing a fine job at it!

relax... have a joint... and when you face "life" aka "poker", you'll be cool, steady & your mind will be on food more than cards, so they can't tell what's up with your face... They think you're in deep thought, but you're just stoned... And you're more patient, did I mention "totally steady lang, dude"?...

The Introspective Maverick --- he's just getting sentimental coz his pet snake is out of the country...

Come down to the south more... We have cute chicks in our home games... Instead of being introspective on life, we'll teach you to be extroverted... What? You'd go for Porch, but not for me?

Tsk. Tsk. Akala ko ba "Keep Playing."? Playing on-line poker while waiting for her to appear on your YM so you can chat about the poker your not playing isn't going to do you good... Allow me to give you instruction on distraction...


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