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Monday, October 09, 2006 

You Know You've Seen It All When...

I got a text from one of our good friends and poker buddies yesterday. He's in the US right now and is of course checking out the tables and playing poker. Here is the message in it's entirety:

" Hey dude, it's Ram. (Perty to most- mav) In a $120 tourny, had 88 vs JT suited. Flop QQ8. I flopped a boat! He bluff bets, i called. Turn was 9, giving him the straight. Perfect! He bet big, i raised most of his chips, he called. River was... 8! I had QUADS! We tossed the rest of our chips in and HE WON! The last 8 gave him a straight flush! An hour later they tell me that hand wouldve won me a $70K jackpot in the casino. Odds.. 2.5 million to one. Fuck. Now i've seen it all."

Sick huh? hehe. Quads beaten by straight flush. In a tournament too. No bad beat jackpots to be won. Well, That's poker! We signed up for this. hehe.


I will now stop talking about my bad beats...

correction: he didnt text me pala, i got a message that was FORWARDED to me by a mutual friend from Ram. hehe.

ouch talaga hehe.

sorry, he didnt text me pala, my friend forwarded his message to me hehe. i just read it again eh.

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