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Thursday, October 19, 2006 

World Poker Tour Philippines

The first ever officially sanctioned WPT tournament ended a few days ago, with our very good friend and poker aficionado Bryan Malantic surviving three days of poker and getting that last burst of great poker playing with a mixture of luck at the right times and places to take down the first title. Awesome all-around game by Bryan, who managed to just scrape by day one at just above the starting stack after losing half his chips early on. It was about a P200++ thousand payday plus a seat into the 25K buy-in main event. It's funny, because Bryan and i learned how to play poker together, but he laid low from playing for a while, so although i knew he was a solid player, almost EVERYONE has never seen him play! Bryan will have a LOT of fans after the first episode is aired on december hehe.

Funny how he never really intended to play until a day and a half before, when someone convinced him to cancel his other plans and play the game.

I personally dint play simply because 15K was too big for me to gamble on one tournament and i was on a poker hiatus during the height of the sattelites and big MTT's giving away seats. I, along with a LOT of my other friends are SURELY going to play the next one in december though! That one will for sure be bigger and crazier hehe. That WPT TV setup was wicked! I'll have some photos to post soon, just waiting for nick to email it to me or something.

Anyway, it was awesome to see one of our very own, someone who TRULY knows and loves the game of Poker, to represent the poker community by winning the first WPT game in the Philippines. Congrats to all the players who were a part of it, as well as the Marco and the PBT who made it all possible, and of course Emi and the ACF staff for handling it very well and letting them use the awesome venue.

See you in December! TV table here we come!

No shit! I can't believe I missed an milestone event! The set up looks absolutely fantastic! I'm here in Turkey and it's sooo frustrating because no one has heard of texas hold'em here... they play their own version of poker... yuck. This makes me proud to tell them I'm pinoy. Way to go Bryan!

Hehe, was reading you post about the WPT. The Marco ha, I like it, parang The Donald.

Thanks for the continued support, more to come.

German Snake - uwi ka na kasi, december is the next one.

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