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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

What Should Maverick Do?

Since Gamefrog already has his "What should Gamefrog Do?" article, i was thinking of making something of the same sort, but more on the flipside. Although this is mainly a poker blog, i though it would be nice to add a new flavor to the mix. I'm goint to put real-life scenarios that has either happened to me or to someone i know closely. Read on and you'll get the idea...


The scenario goes like this:

It's a nice wednesday afternoon and Mav decides to buy some DVD's at a mall in Makati. He's already on EDSA when he notices that his car is number-coded for the day! He realised this because there was an MMDA ninja hiding behing a post that suddenly sprouted from nowhere and is now trying to flag him down! He sees an opening on the right side going into a street deep into the heart of Makati, which is teeming with more MMDA agents. He also realizes that he hasn't renewed his license which expired about 3 months ago!

As he makes for the exit, he sees one of the agents from his rear-view mirror mounting his motorcycle...

What should Maverick do?

Appreciate your comments on this. Will post again on this tomorrow. hehe!

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ahh those blue mthrfcukrs! since you said you made a right turn I'm guessing you're at ayala ave. (wrong move) you're about to be busted! if you were going to buy DVDs at MCS or Parksquare? Your best move is to STOP, give them your license and tell them you're related to tita shawie, now ask the MMDA if they want to talk to tito kiko? :P LOL!

Check and bet on the turn?

Crap too much poker... must focus....

I'd talk to them in straight English and feign that you are a fil-am (or chinese fil-am in my case). Apparently some of them can't speak english and will just let you off easy.

But since you are coding, I'd find a garage or building and quickly park. You can always say you just drove a block or two to move the car for your dad. Who is tito kiko as Mnlgrind mentioned

Simple Answer - MMDA guys NOT ALLOWED to flag down guys in MAKATI. Only MAPSA guys can. Remember makati doesnt strictly adhere to mmda rules - wala ngang 10-3pm window pag coding day mo unlike other cities.

So if you get flagged down by MMDA threaten him that he'll be reported to MAPSA. I dont know if you saw that but it was televised months back na there was an MMDA guy arrested in EDSA corner ayala for flaggin down cars....

I'm with Frog. I usually do one of 2 things. Pull out my Canadian driver's license and trot out the west coast accent, saying i'm visiting, i'm sorry, and if the guy insists on trying to "confiscate" my license, i tell him i've got a flight in two days and can i pay the fine here, at a discount. Usually costs me P200 a throw.

Or, I run the blue gauntlet and hope the bastards don't hop a scooter.

Now i know better. I'll call Erick. He can bail me out ;)

relax, see a movie... that's what i'll do...

also, shit and wet my pants... and just act like a retarded young fella

btw, nice pick tito nick... wooohooo!!!! a definite pinoy canadian beefcake (drool)

This happened to me before when I didn't know Makati and San Juan(?) were not part of the coding window (10am to 3pm). Got caught at Paseo, paid MAPSA guy to accompany me till Greenbelt. Funny thing was he asked me what time I was going back and whether I'd need him again... LOL...

nice answer from our lawyer friend erick haha! He's right, MMDA doesnt have jurisdiction in Binayland. My mistake, but something new to some people here.

Anyway, what really happened was it was the barangay san antonio guys. I tried to run and was playing "patintero" with the guys and my car, and when i lost them behind all those condos at ayala, i tried to hide by parking somwhere but the motorcylce guy caught up with me haha!

i made some lame excuse but eventually conceded and gave my license and got it back after a few days paying 500 bucks.

that was fun!

The looks on their faces when i almost run them over was worth it haha!

the "name dropping" trick usually works but its only 100% in pasay hehe. Makati is the toughest one.

cuneta? that's like an A's wired heads-up! LOL

name dropping works!

What a friend of mine did --- he pulled over quite far to give himself enough time to bring out the visine and "cry"... (note: initially, he was going to slam his nose on the steering wheel so he could get some blood going and feign an "emergency", but what if it didn't work?) So, the visine, the cry, and the line --- "kakalibing ko lang sa tatay ko."

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