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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 

The Metro: Poker's New Home

About two years and several weeks ago... Somewhere on a rooftop in Greenhills, during the middle of an "underground" poker tournament.

Checkpoint: so what do you wanna do?
NickG: i wanna build a card room.
Maverick: let's do it.

2 weeks later, The BBC opened it's sliding doors. It also opened every other door of opportunity for the local poker scene to grow into what it is today. For 100 days, Poker had a home in Manila. After that, poker exploded into the Pinoy consciousness.

It's been a long journey from the 2005 BBC days.

By some twists of fate, our little poker crew met the right people at the right time, people with the same vision and passion for the game. From our humble beginnings we then moved on to bigger and better things...

Not long after that, a plan to create the ultimate dream for the poker community was hatched by the now much bigger crew. A Card Club located outside a Casino, a place where poker is the only game, a place that poker can really call home.

The long wait is over.

Today, Poker has a new home in the country. The Metro Card Club.

The Metro officially opened it's doors five days ago. Seriously, it is officially the best place to play poker in this country right now. Just ask anybody who has been there. Just look at it. It's a thing of beauty! Imagine a place where you can come as you are, feel comfortable, hang out with your friends, have a few drinks, and play poker all night long. A place where you can feel safe while playing, where you know that the people running it know what they are doing, and the people you are playing with arent there to cheat you or rip you off. A new era in our local poker scene has began with the opening of The Metro, and it's a good thing.

Come by. Everyone is welcome. It's our gift to the poker community, made not just of brick and mortar, but of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. The foundations are there, and poker in the Philippines has officially been built a new house.

Now it's up to everyone else to make it a home.

See you at The Metro!

So what's the address ?

O nga naman... Where is it lol?

oh yeah... haha.

The Metro is located beside Metrowalk, Pasig. It's not easy to spot, but it's between the SWAT station and Arellano's wine store.

If you spot the door with the pillars, just walk in.

See you there!

Hi, just curious, is this PAGCOR sanctioned? I really hate looking over my back eveytime I play a hand :)

Thanks, and the place looks great!

nice place!

This comment has been removed by the author.

of course!

i added the cashier photo with the PAGCOR logo ;)

Ill post the games schedules as soon as we finalize them. Our 10/20 and 25/50 cash games last till the wee hours, and the occasional big game (100/200 and up) also gets full every time it runs.

There's the Friday Freezout 2,200 buy in, and the Tuesday 20K freeroll (5 tables max) which fills up really quick and starts at 9pm.

We'll have the full line up very soon. Just drop by and be a member, get in the text invite list and get updates and scheds directly from us!

how does the freeroll work ? - 11Finger

50 seats max, P20K pot. no buyin.
15 min levels, good structure.(not retarded like the other freerolls)

starts 9pm, but be there early coz it's first come first served, and by 8pm registration is usually almost full.

I've been there and it's heaven. The beer is cheap (I heard there's going to be an increase but hopefully it's still cheap), the place is clean, the place is legit, the people are professional, the players know how to play, and I won levels 1 and 2. Hehe. Good job guys.

i doubt they will increase the price of beer. the bar just complements the poker, it's there not to make money but to keep the players happy hehe.

youre used the perfect words to describe it bro. Poker Heaven.

good job on the level 2 win! Astig! if you win the main event, donate 1% to us ok? Lol!

very cool indeed! nice to see all these things happening for the pinoy poker scene. hopefully we can have one of these in singapore soon.

ill definitely swing by and visit your place when i come home for a visit in a couple of months.

hearing you talk about this place a long time ago and see your dream fulfilled is quite inspiring bro. keep at it!


every anong day meron 10/20 cash games and what time does it start?

10/20 games are spread everyday, as long as there's players. on our second day we had one 10/20 table last from 10pm to 11:30am the next day! lol

haha :) thanks for your reply! btw would there be like a membership fee or entrance fee b4 you can play? or does the house rake a certain % or amount in every pot like in casinos? sorry a bit n00b here :) Thx again

we operate just the same as any poker room in the casinos. There's no entrance fee or membership fee, and yes there is rake (how else would a non-house edge game make money hehe).

But i do believe we have the best rake policies in terms of maximum and minimum rake. Our tournaments are ALWAYS raked only 10%, and even smaller when the buy-ins reach the upper levels, for example.

cool :) last set of questions. how much is the min & max buyin for the 10/20 cash game? how can we play cash games there? do we need to get reservations? or is it a 1st come 1st serve basis everyday?

I greatly appreciate your help thx :)

500 min 2000 max. pretty much as soon as we get 5 or 6 players we can open up a new table immediately.

By far the BEST POKER ROOM in Manila.

great people, great service and people who actually know what they are doing! (unlike the monkeys at ACF)

Oh drop by GameFrog when you're at the metrowalk too (shameless plug hahahaha)

wow! is the place open already? i might play this saturday night! lol... =)

what time does the poker room open? is it open 24/7? thanks!

it's been open for a week now.

right now we open around 8pm, but soon we'll be opening earlier.

kindly post your scheduled tournaments , thanks.

by the way is parking not a problem in the METRO?

interesting ! i come to manila soon and im looking for a place to play poker, sounds very nice !!

if u have the adress( the metro ) , thanks !!

what about casinos ? is it possible to play texas holdem there and wich one ( casino ) ?

thanks !!

wow punta ako agad dyan! do u have the list of the tourney scheds, freerolls?

i prefer the main card room though this one is good for low stake sessions..

Nikki, MCC Main

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