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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 

Guilty or Innocent?

Just got word that the people involved in the ACF5000 incident were, as i expected, denying their guilt and pleading innocent to all the charges, saying they were unaware that signaling and soft-playing were unacceptable at a poker tournament.

Maybe if Louie didnt act so arrogant and didnt curse and scream too much during the game, people would have listened and given him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe if they didnt show that they checked their full house because their friend was in the hand, they would have been more believeable.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it.

We don't really know them at all, and we welcome their side of the story if they do have one. Our group's main priority is not to destroy their names or personally attack them, (no last names or photos are going to be included in any article, even though a lot of people are demanding it) but rather to protect every other players' money and of course protect the integrity of our organization and the events we provide to the poker community.

The very fact that we allowed these guys to play, it was our responsibility to assure that they knew the basic rules and regulations of a poker tournament at least. A guy was disqualified from the $10,000 WSOP main event because he put his chips in his pocket when he was asked to move tables. He didnt know better, but it was no excuse. We as an organization want to maintain this kind of integrity in enforcing the rules, and the fact that we let them get away with the prize money at all showed a lot of restraint on our part to make a big fuss over it. Security was actually on standby to eject them from the casino, if i'm not mistaken, but we exrecised full restraint on our part, giving them the benefit of the doubt as to their innocence.

Everyone who knew what they were doing on that tournament floor saw with their own eyes the events that transpired that night. Numerous individuals experienced in the field are willing to testify if it has to go down to something like that. They plead innocence by virtue of ignorance, which sadly, is a losing case.

Good luck to them.


I thought the dealer saw the signaling at the table? that's more credible than just anyone telling the higher ops that THESE guys colluded.

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