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Monday, May 22, 2006 

Tagaytay Wrap Up

Congratulations to Casino Filipino Tagaytay for having another successful tournament last saturday. About 64 players (i think) coughed up the P11,000 buy-in, although a few won their entry through satellite games. Most of our friends made it deep, but only one made it ITM. Neil "Dirty Ice Cream" came in at 8th place, winning about P20,000++ and of course solidified his status as one of the better players out there, being consistent not only in the big games, but also in tournament finishes. One thing he complained about was that although he has probably made it ITM in more than half the tournaments he's joined, he has never actually won one. Dont worry neil, maybe you're just reserving your best perfomance for the WSOP hehe!

I didnt play, so no stories from me here. But there were a few interesting anecdotes from other players regarding the tournament. The most common story was the one of "Mommy Dolly". According to the players, Mommy Dolly stumbled upon the cash game they were running before the tourny, played for a while, then decided to join the tourny. It was her first time to play and practically had no idea about the game.

By the end of a few levels, she was busting people out left and right, calling all-ins of up to 60,000 with 4-2off, 10-7, ANYTHING, and hitting it hard! She hit everything she played, and by the time it was down to the final table, she had about half the chips in play. She even called an all-in from Neil with a rag hand, flopped an open-ended straight draw, but lucky for neil, it was one of the rare times that she didnt hit it. (tama ba?) I dont think she won it though, since eventually we all know the math will catch up, and the last person we talked to said that she had a small stack when they left the casino. In the small game we had right after in our place, whenever someone would make a stupid call or crazy play, they invoked the name of Mommy Dolly! LOL!

As for me and several other poker buddies who trooped to tagaytay, we had a blast! First thing we did when we got there was have some Bulalo and Crispy Pata... mmmmm! Had to make sure we had our insurance cards just in case of a heart attack though. We then had several short handed small buy-in tournaments just to pass the time and have fun. Eventually, players form the tournament started to arrive late in the evening, bringing booze and getting ready for a little poker party/ drinking fest. The cold weather really made the alcohol enjoyable as it kept everyone warm and buzzed. A small 20/40 game was also rocking alongside the party, and everyone was just chilling and having a good time. By around 5am, there were around 6 or 7 of us left, just chilling out in the cold and talking about poker and other things, related or otherwise.

To those who came and even brought drinks and stuff, thanks! To those who couldnt come or follow, sayang. But there's surely gonna be a next time, so let's make sure we'll be there! till next time!

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