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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Where is Everybody?, - New Beginnings

It's been a really busy week. Poker-wise, i havent been playing much, just a couple of the regular tournaments and a couple of ring games. I'm going to try to get a seat tonight at a sattleite game for Tagaytay, so i'm crossing my fingers for that.

There isone thing i noticed during the past few weeks. There hasn't been much action going around in the poker blog community! The poker blogs havent been active at all. The sites i used to check out everyday for new articles and discussions have been pretty quiet. Are we getting tired of the game? I noticed that during our weekly tournies, people rarely ever stay for the cash game anymore. Games end up pretty early nowadays compared to before too. Are we reaching some sort of saturation point?

They say summer is the worst time for people, financially speaking. For some reason, peole have more money during the last quarters of the year, and the leanest times are summer. This phenomenon is explained by the coming school season, the drying up of the christmas bonuses from last year, etc. Maybe this also has some kind of effect on poker games. Poker IS a very very capital intensive "business". You gotta have money to win money. And the truth is, majority of us do not have money to burn just for poker games. Those weekly tournaments do add up, and sometimes more than we expect, or can afford.

Maybe that's why attendance in the regular weekly games have been thinning out, and i can't blame them. I havent been playing much too, thinking i'll just use the money i would otherwise risk on poker on some other more important things. But i'm talking about the regular community of poker players. I know the big game is still rocking, and so are the ACF poker room players.

Hey fellow poker writers out there, it's the least we can do to keep the poker community updated and interested in the game, even if some arent playing that much anymore. Keep those articles coming!


Damn it is hard work moving out of your house. Our family is moving to a new place, just near our old place. I've lived here for almost 20 years now, and it's amazing how much junk one can accumulate throughout the years. I even found notebooks and folders containing my 7th grade notes and activities! There is so much crap that i realized that all my important stuff fits in just one box. It's hard work. But new beginnings are always good. A new place, a new atmosphere, a new aura. All that junk and baggage can be pretty heavy and it really does slow you down. A new place makes everything seem lighter and brighter.

See you at the felt!

Sige na nga popost na ako... haha busy with summer school. Tagaytay looks like its going to be a great poker party.

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