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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Tagaytay Party!

Watched the Da Vinci Code movie today. I dont know what the hell the Church is fussing about over some fictional movie. Are they that insecure? There were 5 cinemas out of 7 showing the movie in G4, and we got there around 9, by which time all the movies were sold out until 11:30! Good thing Kath thought about Greenbelt 1 cinemas, and sure enough, we got tickets and there was more than enough space too.

What a turnout. I havent seen such a movie mob since "Star Wars: episode 3". Everyone was eager to watch, thanks to the Church and its over-reaction.

I bet they got a cut out of the worldwide sales of the movie or something. hehe.

The movie? Good. Just good. A fun movie. If you read the book, you'd be a bit disappointed, since the movie cannot really include everything from the book, and they left out a lot of the details that really made it interesting to the readers.

I'm waiting for X-MEN 3. That'll rock for sure!


The Tagaytay Casino Tournament is coming up tomorrow, and my status as of now as to if i will play is zilch. Havent won a satellite yet, and the last day is today, so maybe ill get a chance to win one later. Crossing my fingers. I'd do anything to play in Tagaytay, heck, i'd even take a stake even at 70%-30%! I just wanna be a part of it, just playing is gonna be a reward enough for me.

We'll be going up to Tagaytay a little bit earlier than most people, since we will actually be preparing our place for a little get together we planned for the whole Poker Crew who's trooping up to the game! Our place is less than 10 minutes away form the Casino, about 2 minutes from the Rotonda. To those who still need to ask, what else do you think we'll be doing there? We're gonna bring booze, food, music, and of course, we'll have our own Poker game! It's going to be an overnight thing so no need to worry about driving home at night!

Everyone is invited! If you bust out early, at least you know there's a party waiting for you! See you there!

i don't get the fuss about the da vinci code movie. HELLO? FICTION nga sya eh. with the huge fuss the church is making, it now looks even more defensive. more people are going to believe the book has truth in it.

eh mga mulsim nga at east germans palagi kontrabida sa mga movies eh...di sila nagrereklamo :)

can't believe they banned it in the City of Manila.

I cant believe how narrow these people's minds are.

they blindly believe their own beliefs and shut out everything else. Well, 400 years of oppressive slavery from Spain sure left it's mark. hehe.

Did they even intelligently choose their religion or were they just born into it?

These people will believe the world is flat if the Pope declared it.

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