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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

One Red Paperclip

There's this awesome blog that JG told me about, and i couldn't help but want to share it. I guess some of you have heard about it too, but nonetheless, check out the One Red Paperclip blog. It chronicles an amazing journey of one man to trade one red paperclip and eventually end up with a house. Yes, a house. The internet is one awesome place to make impossible things possible.


In the WSOP, I'm currently updating every 15 minutes and getting to hear about final table action from Cardplayer. Jamie Gold still has a huge chip lead with 25.5M in chips at the 80K-160K level, but nipping at his heels is a great pro player, Allen Cunningham, with about 17M in chips. Ten players remain and nobody seems to want to bust out just yet, with the action mostly getting folded to pre-flop raises.

Although Gold seems to be a solid player, i'm rooting for Cunningham. A real pro deserves to finally win the main event, plus, Allen Cunningham is one of the most unassuming, humble, yet underrated pros of today. The guys has several WSOP bracelets to his name too.

12 million dollars. Still gives me goosebumps hehe.

Full Tilt Poker also has a promo where if you win the main event and you got your seat thru Full Tilt they give you an extra $10 Million... Too bad no one from Team Full Tilt seems to be in the running anymore...

allen cunnigham is team full tilt!

Don't think he got his seat via FTP though...


Allen Cunningham is a friend of Team Full Tilt, but he doesn't qualify for the extra $10M because he didn't get his entry via on-line qualifiers at Full Tilt... If you go to, the Main Event information leaned favorably for, they have highlights for the various players of Full Tilt --- Red with Logo are members of Team Full Tilt, like Ivey, Ferguson, Harman, Gordon... Just Red are friends of Full Tilt like Cunningham, Farzad Bonyardi, Rob Mizrachi (although some do have their own Avatars in FTP), then the ones in green were on-line qualifiers from Full Tilt... How do I know? FULL TILT IS MY HOUSE!

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