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Thursday, August 24, 2006 

A Glimpse into the Future

Here is a glimpse of what could be awaiting the future of some of our online players here in the RP. It could happen. hehe.

That crazy guy up there is Newt_Buggs, a very successful online player who makes over $200,000 a year playing poker, AND, he didnt quit school while doing it. I read an interview with him and he is a player that is never satisfied with his results and is continually learning, even though he plays $530 Sitn Go's regularly. Yup, that's 16 tables he's playing at the same time. His mouse? he's using two! And he has chips for shuffling to boot. Sweet.

Click HERE to see his awesome results! This actually is a pretty old post of his on 2+2, more than a year old, so just imagine where the guy is today. hehe.

I say give our local players a year or two and we'll have one just like him.

Watch your back!

I'd really like to see someone multitabling that many tables live. The most I play is four tables and I already get frantic at times... wonder how they do it...

Just read his post, interesting especially given that I just made a post on my blog earlier today on SNG's. In my post I was thinking of getting more aggresive mid game of SNG's so that I can better compete for 1st place, however that would mean taking a few more chances and dropping my ITM rate. From his post looks like it is a valid change in strategy as his ITM is not that high but ROI is OK... Gotta start hitting those tables... Practice multitabling 4 or more...

This is exactly what my setup will be when I go home... less one monitor hehehehe.

Hmmmm I need to switch to a site that allows minimizing tables. And no way am I going to be able to play with 2 mice.

the secret to SnGs is VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME. So even though his ITM rate isnt very very high, the sheer volume of his games compensate for it. ;)

OT: Lurve the "Good Omens" quote.

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